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September 22, 2010

Kenny Powers being awesome? Yes, please.


The new season of Eastbound and Down is upon us. And it's about time.
It's rare that a show this awesome comes along, so the lack of Kenny Powers in our lives has been rough. Luckily we had the first season to look back at, with moments such as these keeping us warm at night.

Strutting into School

This is pure Powers. If for some reason you missed Season 1 (Why would you do that? Seriously, that seems like a huge mistake.), you should know that Kenny's supposed triumphant return to his high school is anything but. Expecting to be treated like a hero, he's met with shrugs and a general apathy - not that he gives a sh-t. He's Kenny "F--king" Powers, and nothings gonna get in the way of the fact that "you're f--king out," and "he's f--king in."

This is how Kenny sees the world. And rightfully so.

Stevie at the Party
For those who didn't see Season 1... Have you watched yet? I know it was just like minutes ago that I told you it was a huge mistake to have missed it, but jesus, get on that! Anyway, as many of you already  know, one of the better ongoing story lines has been the undying devotion Kenny receives from his assistant/flunky/biggest fan Stevie Janowski, who goes from random (though possibly retarded) teacher to a mini Kenny Powers. He gradually becomes the sort who throws around "motherfuckers" at will - just like his hero.

We're trying to keep the cursing to a minimum for all you folks at work who might be worried your boss might walk by wondering why he heard the line "Watch it, ass blood" come from your computer. So here's the next best thing. Stevie Janowski showing up to the cookout as Kenny Powers. Gold.

Flipping a Topless Girl Off a Jet Ski
Does this really need an explanation? He's Kenny F--king Powers. That's all you need.

Not Trying to be the Best at Exercising 
Amazing line. Amazing character. Kenny's knack for putting April's fiancee Cutler in his place is always entertaining. But this one's especially gratifying, as it's the first time they meet, and Cutler (played by the also amazing Andrew Daly) is technically his boss. But let's face facts: nobody's the boss of Kenny Powers.

"Work Drugs
" - Ecstasy at the School Dance
Just a little background for this gem. Kenny's high on ecstasy. Okay, we're all set, right? Oh, and he just showed up to the school dance sweaty and dry-mouthed, only to profess his love to April by telling her "there's one image in my life that consistently makes me happy no matter when I think about it. And that image, that one image, is your big tits." Okay, now commence with the dancing....

Redemption via Eyeball Knockout
Throughout the season (I'm not even gonna ask. I'm not. even. gonna. ask.), Kenny comes to terms with his fall from grace. He knows it's gonna take a lot to get back on top. So what better way to redeem himself than knocking the eyeball out of his rival in front of the woman he loves?