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July 12, 2011

When it all comes down to it the one thing that Social Media has once again proven is that some people are just to damn needy. Who cares what you had for breakfast or what you're buying at the grocery store? Obviously more people than you would think because it seems like every other day new ways to share said information as well as pictures with the world are being introduced to the public. I admit I may be a little curious about what you are buying at the store if it's two in the morning and I need a cure for insomnia but other than that I'm okay not knowing. Of course there is the issue of impulse control which most politicians and drunks ( which is a bit redundant) don't seem to have when it comes to any type of new technology that needs to be dealt with. Perhaps a built in Tazer that automatically stuns people whenever they attempt to post anything that might even come close to being considered stupid , obscene or better off left to the imagination. Just a thought. Like most people I'm on a lot of sites and it's nice to be able to communicate with the outside world occasionally but for the most part I just post artwork and cleverly crafted jokes and commentary (at least that's my intention) about whatever happens to get on my nerves like for example Social Networking. With that said you can't fight the future so enough of this I need to post something on Facebook, Update my Linkedin, like a news article on Huffpost,+1 a picture of a juggling monkey and Retweet what's going through Steven Weber's warped mind, when he's not colluding with our Alien invaders that is. I never trusted him on Wings either. Artboy Out!