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January 14, 2012

For UK fans only possibly......


January Sales


I had the misfortune of visiting Marks and Spencer and Next on the 26th of December last year.  We should of course be thankful that I am still alive to tell the tale; such was the pandemonium on show.


I was thinking about this just now as I wondered why is the Winter Transfer Window so lame in football.


It has been in place for a number of years now and all the big coaches, managers and chairmen tell us it’s awful, not helpful and restricts trade.  You would therefore be expecting them to go absolutely mental like those crazy bitches at Next were when the window opened on January 1st, however the game just gives a collective shrug to the whole thing and in some cases pretends it’s not even there.


You have some purple-nosed managers with a speech impediment tell you there is no value in January, completely missing the point completely (especially when he has Michael Carrick and a 37 year-old ginger two-footed tackler to choose from) as January sales are all about the bargains.


This is the time of year where all of the scouts’ hard work should come to fruition after they have kept an eye out for future talent entering their last 6 months of their contract and getting them signed up on a pre-contract or a ridiculously low transfer fee.


The window these days seems to be the ideal opportunity for players bored with the summer in the US and want to come here for the significantly colder weather for reasons only known to themselves.


Players don’t seem to like the window either as they claim they can be frozen out for months if they can’t secure a club in July and therefore have to wait until January, but let’s face it Wayne Bridge you’re shite and nobody wants you.


For the people in football complaining, would you like it to be more like the NFL draft system and you could end up anywhere.  Imagine David Silva ending up at Norwich, or John Terry at Newcastle, which JT might like as I’ve met a few birds from Newcastle.