Drunk History: a web series on this very site, a TV show on Comedy Central, and now a wedding video published to YOUTUBE.COM??? Weirder things have happened, probably!

For their wedding, comedian/magician Justin Willman and photographer Jillian Sipkins told the story of how they met and fell in love in the style of Drunk History, complete with the getting wasted part, the mumbling part, the lip-synced reenactment part, and EVERYTHING.

The video clocks in at — get this — a whopping 12 minutes and 26 seconds! And we definitely watched like three minutes of it. Just kidding, we watched the whole thing! Remember the part with the song and the pizza at the end? Did we just fast-forward to the end so that we could say that? There’s absolutely no way if you can know for sure, so just check out this video!

h/t Huffington Post