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July 02, 2015

With Chris Christie announcing his candidacy and Ted Cruz ruining our childhoods by impersonating Simpsons characters, there is truly no saying just how insane this election season will get.

Now that 17, no wait, 18 politicians have officially put their hat in the ring to run for president of the United States, they can begin doing what they’ve always done best: pandering for love and attention. Luckily for us that means fun pun-ny merchandise like Marc Rubio “Marco Polo” polo T-shirts and Grillary Clinton cooking aprons! You know, the stuff that makes you confident these people can lead the country AND manage an Urban Outfitters.

But that also means Ted Cruz ruining everything we hold near and dear to our hearts by doing Simpsons impersonations.

It’s the wild wild west out there, folks, and without Jon Stewart courageously leading us through the rocky terrain, Lord knows where we’d be.

Here he is updating us on the circus that is the current presidential race. (Trigger warning: Ted Cruz doing Simpsons impersonations)