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June 16, 2015

It's been ten days since two prisoners escaped from an upstate New York facility. That's given them plenty of time to fall in love with each other.

The two escaped murderers from the upstate New York prison are still on the loose and their whereabouts are entirely unknown. They could be as far away as Mexico, but at this point there are no concrete leads on their location. What is known is that Joyce Miller, a female prison worker not only helped both men escape hoping they would help kill her husband, she had also had sex with both of them. Her relationship with Richard Matt was known to some in the prison and it has since come out she also had had sexual relations with David Sweat.

Mitchell, who was the prison tailor, allegedly supplied both escapees with the hacksaw blades, chisel, and screwdriver that they used to break out of the facility. In court yesterday she admitted that she was supposed to drive their getaway car but at the last minute got cold feet. She did not know where she was to have driven them, had she followed through with helping them. Many are suspect of her statements and think she is not letting on all that she knows. The information she supplied yesterday in her trial did not lead to any big breakthroughs.

Despite the two men having slept with Mitchell, I truly believe that at this point in their journey, wherever they’ve run off to, David Sweat and Richard Matt have undoubtedly fallen in love. Just logistically, the amount of time they’ve spent with one another, sleeping in close quarters, and sharing such a profound life experience, they have to have developed romantic feelings for each other.

Like, when you were at summer camp and playing hide and go-seek or manhunt and you were lying low under a tent with a fellow camper, they automatically became your ride or die bitch. You protected them and they cared for you. It was you all against the world. Matt and Sweat 100% are experiencing that right now.

Do you remember last year when the NY Times released a foolproof way to fall in love with any person? Basically all you had to do was ask someone a bunch of questions and stare into their eyes for four minutes. With all the time they’re killing, be it on the run or in hiding, there’s surely been a lot of chitchat and eye contact. Hell, I’d start calling up small chapels across the state to see if the two of them have applied for a marriage license. Perhaps their plan the entire time was to elope!

Every generation has its Bonnie and Clyde or Julius and Ethel Rosenburg, and it looks like we’ve just found ours. I wish the law enforcement pursuing them the best of luck because they’ll need it if they’re up against the force of love, the greatest escape vehicle of all.