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January 30, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #5
Introducing the marvelous hank meadows and his LP "hank meadows TELLS HIS SECRETS"

Results: Superfluous and Unnecessary Comments Edition.
You guys/non guys did such an awesome job on this one, you get unwanted and  unnecessary comments for a reason which I am uncertain of.  But you earned em’.

12. Hank whispers to Harriet: "I did add the laxative"
-Rhiann0n (or did I?)

11. I like to dress in women's clothing and hang around in bars.
-drwho (Idle banter)

10. Not only are there sunshine and lollipops.......there's rainbows.....
-MadAdam (layin’ down some BRCM science right there)

9. I locked two children in a gingerbread house,I'll give you the recipe inside
-bigjas (where the “to catch a predator” guy will offer you a cookie)

8. I did not win an Olympic gold medal for "cheffing".
-JBnthe217 (but my wiener did)

7. ( “ Soylent Green is people. ” )
-theDIRTYmidget (you damn dirty ape!)

6 5 "My album is completely devoid of any merit whatsoever! It's without tangible concept, lacks any semblance of inspiration, is technically embarrassing, outs me as a dangerous sociopath, & employs no skill or talent at all. There, now you know my secret!"
-trident (also why the mellowpuma doesn’t  write autobiographical blogs)

6. *whispers* "I have no idea what I'm doing & I'm really scared."
-trident (get out of my head!)

5.  ... It's just mayonnaise mixed with relish.
-LucyLieu (so that’s how they make coke!)

4. The things I can do with a spatula.
-keibar (I’m gonna flip those eggs, those eggs between your legs)

3. ( “ Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. ” )
-theDIRTYmidget (!)

2. If you pinch my scrotum really hard I'll cry and call you Mommy!
-ideeclare (which explains the medallion)

1. I'm like a puma.........a mellow puma.......
-MadAdam  (turning my own words back on me = bonus points)