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Published November 17, 2010
Funny or Die is pitching a new television series based on a popular Upright Citizen's Brigade show called "What's Going On? with Mike Mitchell," the hottest late-night talk show in LA where no one knows what will happen--even the host.

Currently a midnight show on Saturdays, the show has cultivated a following and always sells out fast. The show's focus is host Mike Mitchell, who hasn't been briefed on the script, the sketches, the jokes, or the guests before the show starts.

"It's the classic underdog story," says co-producer Meghan Falcone. "When people see that he is frustrated, you just want to root for him."

A refreshing change of pace from the usual late night talk shows where it's evident that the antecdotes and patter between the host and the guests has been pre-approved and rehearsed, "What's Going On? with Mike Mitchell" has at its core a nervous, apologizing yet smiling host, whose charm turns the unknown into comedy.