Part 1!

Once upon a time in a kingdom far,far, far away in a fairytale land called Charming Kingdom. Charming Kingdom isa peaceful kingdom ruled by the Charming family. The Charming family members are King and Queen Charming and their three children, Alfred, May, and Prince.They are local celebrities and the rulers of the entire Charming Kingdom.Prince Charming is the most popular of the Charming children and he has been voted sexiest man alive by many magazines. But you and I know something that the people don’t know…something from Prince Charming’s past. Alfred Charming was once the handsome Charming child…but that all changed with time. This story really isn’t all about the Charming family…no…this story is about a peasant boy who lives a horrible life and dreams of a better one. Now our story begins when we meet the hero of this tale. He lives in a house that’s as old as the kingdom and comes from a family…well let me see if I can explain it to you. There is a rooster standing on the roof of an old mansion that sits next to a barn. The rooster starts crowing and wakes our hero, Nick, who is in his bedroom located in the attic of the old mansion. “I’m up, I’m up… I hear you stupid bird. I must do my chores…but first I need to put on my rags,” said Nick sleepily.Nick sighs and then gets out of his broken little bed. “I really wish I couldget a new bed…this one is really hurting my back. Well life goes on,” sighsNick. I bet your wondering who is this kid. His name is Nick. He liveswith his stepmother, stepsisters, and his biological sister. His mom died when he was a baby, and soon after his dad died. Little did Nick know,but his parents were wizards, born with magical powers, and he is now going through magical puberty. Let’s see how he is doing, and by the way, Nickis a slave in his own home, he does everything around the house. Nick is busydoing his chores. Two hours pass and Nick is still doing his chores andcrossing things off his list of chores that is 2 feet long. “Alright, I cleaned the chimney, washed the clothes, swept the house, cleaned the windows,washed the dishes, and now I’ve got to make breakfast…for everybody in the house. Man, I wish that I could cook faster,” said Nick. Nick snaps his fingers and something strange happened. The food is instantly cooked. Nick wondered how the food was prepared so quickly. “Wow, that was weird, but cool…,” said Nick to himself. This is the first time that Nick began to realize that hehas magical powers….one day Nick may become a great wizard. Nick began to clean up the kitchen. Out of curiosity, Nick snapped his fingers again. The kitchen was clean in a flash. Nick screams with delight. “Again, that was weird yet cool…I wonder why snapping my fingers makes weird things happen,” said Nick.Nick paused and sighed. He grabs the food and brings the food upstairs to his stepmother’s room.

Nick’s stepmother is lying in her bed awake waiting for her breakfast in bed from Nick. Nick’s stepmother looks pleased. Nick’s stepmother was once a very beautiful woman…and she still kind of is…but sadly Nick’s stepmother hates his guts. This is because she will never forgive Nick’s father for leaving her with his kids. Her anger and frustration causes Nick’s stepmother to always treat him like crap. Nick never had a good parental figure in his life. Let’s just say Nick’s stepmother and Nick’s biological mother hated each other. The two women have quite a history together. Back when both the mothers were younger they were fighting for the attention of Nick’s father. Nick’s biological mother,like Nick himself, was geeky, while Nick’s stepmother was beautiful and popular. Nick’s stepmother hates Nick’s biological mother because she stole herman…and that man was Nick’s father. Originally Nick’s dad and stepmother had a love affair. One day out of the blue, Nick’s dad up and left his stepmother and married his mother. Nick’s stepmother was furious and determined to win Nick’s dad back. Soon after Nick and his sister were born Nick’s biological mother died from suspicious causes. This gave Nick’s stepmother, now with small children of her own, the opportunity to swoop in and win back the love of Nick’s dad. Unfortunately, Nick’s stepmother did not gether happily ever after. To everyone’s misfortune, Nick’s father fell ill and died.

Nick’s stepmother looked mad.“Nick, breakfast in bed again…but Nick…I wanted this food here hours ago,” said Nick’s stepmother in anger. “Sorry stepmother…I was busy and lost track of time so I…,” said Nick. “Enough…just continue your chores and leave me…oh excuse me,that was nice of you to bring me my breakfast in bed,” said Nick’s stepmother.“I do it every day, but it never seems it is early enough to satisfy you,stupid stepjerk…I mean stepmother…I mean smart…I mean, is there something you’d like to say to me,” said Nick. “Get out of here…if I had not promised your father to care for you if he died, you and your sister would be living in the streets!” yelled the Stepmother. “Yah as a freaking slave,” mumbled Nick tohimself. “What was that?” asked Nick’s Stepmother. “Nothing master…,” said Nick. “That’s what I thought…hurry before your stepsisters food gets cold,”said Nick’s Stepmother. “Those spoiled brats,” said Nick to himself. Nick sighs and then leaves his stepmother’s room.

Nick goes to his stepsisters’ bedroom and enters. His stepsisters are lying in their beds waiting forhim. Even though Nick’s stepsisters are very sexy and beautiful…they’re just as cruel as Nick’s stepmother. “Hey look sis, it’s Nick our butler,” said Stepsister #1. “Yah, I bet he gets paid, NOT,” said Stepsister #2. Nick’s stepsisters giggle uncontrollably. “Very funny…do you two want to be served breakfast in bed or not?” asked Nick. “Yes…but we don’t eat crap…and that food looks like it belongs in the trash…cook it again,” said Stepsister #1. “But with your bulimia you are going to vomit it up anyways,” said Nick sarcastically. “For the last time, we are just perfect and sexy in every way and if we weren’t family you would totally want to date us,” said Stepsister #2. “Stupid beeatches…,” mumbled Nick. “What was that?,” said Stepsister #1 and Stepsister#2 at the same time. “Eat the damn food. You two don’t know how lucky you are,” cried Nick. Nick hands his stepsisters their breakfast in bed and leaves his stepsisters room. Nick’s stepsisters are the popular kids at the Charming Kingdom high school. Nick, though smart, never has gone to school himself…because his stepmother will not let him. Nick goes to the third floor of his mansion house and stands outside the door of Faterella’s room. Nickopens the door to Faterella’s room carrying a pot full of food. Faterellais sleeping on the floor of her room and food is all over Faterella’s bedroom.Oh and if you’re wondering why Faterella doesn’t have a bed, it is because she’s too fat to sleep in one. It’s funny but sad.

“Morning, Faterella,” said Nick.“Hey, how is my favorite little brother doing?” asked Faterella. Oh I forgot totell you guys that Faterella is Nick’s biological sister and she is the only one in his family who’s nice to him. “Fine, you’re the only one who is nice to me in this house, sis, so I made your favorite, lard and beef bits…enjoy,” said Nick. Nick gives Faterella her food and then Faterella begins to eat her food like crazy. “Remember, call me when you’re done with your food so I…,” said Nick. Faterella then burps loudly and Nick sees her food is all gone. Faterella hands Nick the empty pot. Faterella can’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t obese…and Faterella can’t really remember a time when she wasn’t hungry. “Well that was fast. I’ll go see if the others’ choresare done,” said Nick.

Part 2!

“Nick, I may go on a diet soon,” said Faterella. Nick laughs at Faterella. Faterella just stars at him with apissed off look. “I’d like to see you try…you know you love my cooking,”laughed Nick. “What was that? You think I can’t lose weight?” asked Faterella.“What about your sumo wrestling career? If stepmother doesn’t gamble onyour matches, we’ll be in the welfare line…and you’ll never get any food everagain,” said Nick jokingly. Faterella sighs and looks at Nick. “You’re right bro, well, have a nice day,” said Faterella. Faterella farts, leaving an awful stench for Nick to smell. “Oh god, I’ve got to get back to work…seriously though, I regret putting beans in your food,” cried Nick. Nick runs out of Faterella’s room and Faterella sighs. “I wish…,” said Faterella.

Nick continues his chores and he’s currently working in the yard. Nick begins humming and after the yard work isdone, Nick sighs, “I don’t know how much longer I can take this.” Nick takes a little nap. Bet you are wondering why child services has not taken Nick and Faterella away from their evil stepmother. It is because she either hides them from child services or bribes child services. So, many people in their neighborhood don’t even know that Nick and Faterella even live with theirstepmother. Nick wakes up and looks at the clock above his house. Nick panics after reading the time. “Crap…I have to make lunch for my whole family,” cried Nick. Nick rushes to the kitchen and Nick’s stepmother is in the kitchen and she looks ticked off. “Slave, you forgot to do something for me today,”said Stepmother. “I have a name you know. What did I forget lunch? I’ll make it and…,” said Nick. “You forgot to get a gift for my daughters. It’s their birthday today,” said Nick’s Stepmother. “Why do I need to get them a gift? You’re their mother,” said Nick. “Don’t talk back to me,” said Nick’s Stepmother. “But you say every day is my stepsister’s birthday and it’s getting kind of old. I just thought one day someone would remember my birthday,” said Nick. “Oh yes, when should we celebrate the slave’s birthday?” said Nick’s Stepmother. “Today is MY birthday you old beet,” cried Nick. Then Nick’s Stepmother gets angry. “Don’t you ever call me that again,slave. Now, get back to work and remember to pick up your sisters’magazines,” yelled Nick’s Stepmother in anger. Nick sighs. “Yes, master,”replied Nick. I bet you guys think that Nick, Faterella and their family are broke, but actually their stepmother is a very wealthy woman. Their stepmother is actually the second richest person in Charming kingdom. Second to the royal Charming family themselves. Nick heads to a local newsstand andNick sees a comic book he wants at the newsstand. “Thank god that old witch always gives me too much money when I go shopping. I’m going to buy me a comic book,” said Nick. Nick buys his stepsisters’ magazines at the newsstand and he secretly buys a comic book for himself. Nick begins reading his comicbook to Faterella while Faterella is training for her sumo wrestling. “Man,Faterella…do you ever wish we could have magical powers and be heroes? I sure would love that,” said Nick. “Do you ever wonder if our stepmother evenloves us,” asked Faterella. “She loves me as free labor and you as a way to make money. I’m the only true family you’ve got,” said Nick. “Sometimes I wish I could leave this house and go somewhere on my own. But I’m too fat to leave this place,” said Faterella. “Yah…I wish I could leave this place too. Come on we have to get ready for your sumo wrestling match tonight,”said Nick.

Two hours later Nick helps Faterella get in the back of a carriage to go to Faterella’s sumo wrestling match.

Nick and Faterella are playing cards in the back of the carriage while on their way to Faterella’s sumo wrestling match. “Got any threes…,” said Faterella. “Go fish…,” said Nick. Nickthen sighs and Faterella looks at her little brother with concern. “What’swrong little brother?,” asked Faterella in a soft caring tone. “Hey sis, youever feel like you were meant for something greater then you actually are now?”asked Nick. “What do you mean?” replied Faterella. “It’s just I feel like I have a gift to give to the world and it’s not being given. I know I’m meant for something great,” explained Nick. “We all have dreams Nick. Maybe someday they’ll come true…,” said Faterella. “Dreams never come true,”whispered Nick to himself. Nick and Faterella continue to play cards while on their way to Faterella’s sumo wrestling match.

Things are crazy and hectic outside of the sports arena where Faterella’s sumo wrestling match takes place. Also, a big sign in Japanese writing can be seen on the front of the sports arena. Faterella has never lost a sumo match in her career, and her stepmother has made a lot of money gambling on her to win. Today Faterella is fighting to become Yokozuna, which the highest rank in all of sumowrestling. Even though this could be the most important wrestling match of Faterella’s life, she is more excited about tonight’s match because of Prince Charming. Nick and Faterella are backstage in the arena and Faterella iseating a bowl of rice while Nick is rubbing Faterella’s shoulders. I should give you a heads up that Faterella has never lost a sumo wrestling match in her whole career…a pretty good record if I say so myself. It is no wonder their stepmother is so rich!

“Nick, I’m so nervous,” said Faterella. “Well, you’ll defiantly win the match tonight,” said Nick. “No, not because of my match tonight,” said Faterella. “Then why are you nervous?” askedNick. “No reason,” said Faterella looking down. “Now, Faterella, as your brother and coach, think only about your match and not about that rich jerk Prince Charming who’s in the audience tonight. I know you love him by the way,”said Nick. “How do you know I like him?” asked Faterella. Nick pulls out Star magazine and he flips through it. Nick shows Faterella a picture in which Prince Charming is sitting on the steps of the castle. The picture hashearts drawn in red ink all over it and “Prince Charming loves Faterella”written inside one of the hearts. “When I was giving you a sponge bath, this magazine rolled out from under the flab of your thunder thigh.” saidNick. After showing it to Faterella, Nick throws the magazine to the side.

“Remember sis, you two come from different worlds. The chances of you too getting together is super slim. But on the bright side, I bet you are famous enough to get the prince to talk to you after the match.” said Nick. “Maybe I can get his autograph,” saidFaterella. “If you get an autograph, I have to have enough money to pay for it. If he charges too much money then no autograph from Mr. Pretty Boy,”said Nick. “Why do you hate Prince Charming so much brother?” asked Faterella.“Because he’s everything I’m not. Now go kick some butt and I’ll watch you win this match!” said Nick. If you guys didn’t figure this out already theCharming family members are considered celebrities. The members of Charming family are always followed by the media, so they are known to people from all over the land, even those people who do not live in the Charming kingdom. In a few minutes Faterella’s sumo wrestling match will start.

Nick’s stepmother is talking to theAsian promoter of the Charming Kingdom sumo wrestling promotion. “You see miss…your daughter is really becoming a thorn in my side,” said Asian promoter. “What do you mean Mr. Promoter,” asked Stepmother. The Asian promoter sighed and took out a receipt and handed it to Nick’s Stepmother. “Not only is your fighter a female…she has never lost a match in her career. The problem is there are rumors going around the locker room that you have been bribing my sumo wrestlers to lose on purpose. You gamble illegally on yourdaughters matches,” said the Asian promoter. “First things first, Faterella is not my daughter and maybe this will change your mind,” said Stepmother. Nick’s stepmother pulls out her purse. “Here’s the money I owe you…and a little extra,” said Nick’s Stepmother. Nick’s stepmother gave the Asian Promoter $5,000 and then the Asian Promoter smiled. “If you want more, just ask me,”said Stepmother. “Your daughter stays under my promotion and I’ll just look the other way. Thanks for the money. Trust me, it’ll be our little secret,” said the Asian promoter. Nick’s stepmother winks at the Asian promoter and the Asian promoter winks back at Nick’s Stepmother. The Asian promoter walks away while counting his money.

Nick and Faterella’s Stepmother will do anything to win, even if that means cheating! At the sumo wrestling event where Prince Charming and his brother Alfred Charming are sitting in the best seats available in the arena, El Killo is standing beside Prince Charming and Alfred Charming. The crowd is going wild for the upcoming matches and the appearance of the royal family as well. It should be noted that Prince Charming’s parents want him and Alfred to get married because they want grandchildren. In reality, Prince Charming just wants to find love. Alfred doesn’t really doesn’t need love. Little does Prince Charming know that Alfred Charming is actually jealous of his famous, more attractive,brother. Only Alfred and his family know Prince Charming’s true secret. Believe it or not Alfred Charming isn’t that bad looking himself.

Faterella is waiting in the backstage area for her match to begin. Nick spots El Killo in the crowd. Nickis a huge fan of pro wrestling. “Faterella…El Killo’s in the audience. That guy is probably the only man who could defeat you in wrestling,” cried Nick. “You know, El Killo’s form of wrestling is fake, right brother?” asked Faterella. “Don’t ruin my fantasy. Oh and look up in the front row. It’s your dream date,” said Nick. Faterella sees Prince Charming in the audience and she begins to blush. “It’ll never be,” whispered Nick toFaterella. “Shut up, Nick,” whispered Faterella to Nick.

Faterella is inside the sumo ringand her match is about to begin. The Charmings are watching Faterella’s match. After three long minutes, Faterella wins her match and the referee raises Faterella’s hand in victory. “The new Yokozuna, Faterella,” yelled the referee. The crowd goes wild and Alfred Charming and Prince Charming areclapping with excitement.

“Why is that guy wearing panties?”whispered Prince Charming to Alfred. “It must be a wrestling gimmick,”whispered Alfred Charming to Prince Charming. “And you guys thought I was a freak?” whispered El Killo to Alfred Charming. Faterella sees Prince Charmingin the crowd. “Now’s my chance to get that autograph,” said Faterella to herself. Faterella goes up to Prince Charming with a model magazine in her hand. “El Killo, stand guard, it looks like a fan appears to be heading this way,” said Alfred Charming. “A very big fan,” said Prince Charming to himself.“Hey, can I get your autograph?” asked Faterella. “Why, sure anything for…,”said El Killo. “Not you, Mr., I mean Prince Charming. I’m a big fan,”said Faterella. “You’re a big fan alright,” whispered Alfred Charming to Prince Charming. Faterella hands Prince Charming the model magazine. Prince Charming begins to sign Faterella’s magazine. “I remember doing this photo shoot,” said Prince Charming. Prince Charming stumbles upon the page where Faterella drew all the hearts on his picture. Prince Charming looks at Faterella confused.“Okay, I’m a little freaked out about this,” said Prince Charming. “Just ignore the love stuff. It’s just you’re so attractive,” said Faterella. “What in the name of all that is holy?” said El Killo to himself. “I think that sumo wrestler has a crush on you dude,” laughed Alfred Charming. Alfred Charming began to laugh and Prince Charming hands the model magazine back to Faterella. “I like that you are a fan and I respect my loyal fans, but all that love stuff,” said Prince Charming. Faterella looks puzzled and shakes her heada bit. “Why did you say that?” asked Faterella. “Because you’re a dude, right?”asked Prince Charming. “What! No, I’m a girl,” said Faterella. Prince Charming’s jaw drops in shock. “This is the best day of my life,” laughed Alfred Charming. Alfred Charming continues laughing and then the whole crowd begins laughing at Faterella and Faterella feels so embarrassed. “Oh my god. You’re a freak man! I mean, young lady, please get the heck out of here and leave me alone,” cried Prince Charming. Faterella cries as she flees the scene.

When we last left Faterella and Nick, Faterella has just gotten her heart broken because Prince Charming called her a freak. I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone, but after the match Nick helps Faterella get into the back of their stepmother’s carriage. Nick usually rides in the back with her even though there is not enough room for him. Let’s just say the back of the carriage isn’t nice. It’s like those carts you see that are made for carrying horses. The carriage begins its journey back to the house.

Faterella is crying to Nick as they sit in the back of their stepmother’s carriage. While Faterella is crying, Nick is patting her on the back. “Nick, am I a freak? It’s true, I know belong in a freak show or inside a record book as the world’s fattest woman,” said Faterella. “No, you’re just misunderstood. Prince Charming’s just a pretty boy jerk. Besides, even if he wasn’t a jerk, you couldn’t date Prince Charming. He’s like way out of your league,” said Nick. “You know how I want a better life? I feel like if I were with Prince Charming I would have a better life,” said Faterella through her sobs.

“So, are you a gold-digger or what?” asked Nick. Faterella stared angrily at Nick and then Nick basically gestured “what?” “Nick, you’re the best brother I could ever have. But, man, I wish I could be the woman Prince Charming always wanted,” said Faterella. Suddenly, a bright light appears before Faterella and Nick.“What is that odd looking light? Did you crush me to my death and that is why I see the white light coming towards me?” cried Nick. Faterella looks with anger at Nick and Nick grins. “Well, you are big and…,” said Nick. As the light fades, Riddle Fox appears in the back of the crowded carriage. Riddle Fox begins to sing and dance in front of Faterella and Nick. “Who the heck are youand how did you get in here?” asked Nick. “My name is Riddle Fox and I’m a fox wizard, I can do magic,” said Riddle Fox. “Why are you called Riddle Fox?”asked Nick. “What’s green and hangs on a tree,” asked Riddle Fox. “A leaf, I get it, you tell riddles that aren’t funny or good. Now, what are you doing here?” asked Nick. “Not all my riddles are gems, Nick, but I’m here to grant Faterella’s wish. Of course, I am because I’m a wish granter and avery powerful wizard,” said Riddle Fox. Faterella looks very happy. “You’regoing to make my wish come true? Which one? I have so many,” askedFaterella. “The one that will make Charming fall in love with you, duh,” saidRiddle Fox.

“Are you going to brainwash Prince Charming or something…or just get him really drunk,” laughed Nick. “No. Let’s just say that I have a surprise for you Faterella on the night of the Charming ball” said Riddle Fox. “Did you say the Charming ball? Oh man, I always wanted to go to that, but I have never been invited before,” said Faterella.“Yes, by the night of the Charming ball, your wish will be granted,” said Riddle Fox. “That’s tomorrow! You mean you can make my sister into asupermodel or something by tomorrow? I don’t believe you,” said Nick.“Man you’re a pain in the butt just like your father. Excuse me, goodbye for now,” said Riddle Fox. Riddle Fox opens a portal and goes through it. Nick and Faterella are puzzled. “What did he mean by our father,” asked Nick. Faterella is so excited. “Oh man…I can’t wait to get my wish granted,” said Faterella.

“Sister, nothing will happen tomorrow. He was probably lying or maybe we’re just dreaming all this. I mean, come on, a magical fox…for real?” said Nick. “Maybe you’re right Nick. Maybe this is all too good to be true,” said Faterella. Faterella and Nick arrive back home and Nick begins doing his night time chores while everyone else in Nick’s house is sleeping. Nick takes a seat at the kitchen table, sighs and rests his head in his hands. “I think I really hate my life. Everyone’s asleep except for me,” said Nick to himself. Nick falls asleep right there at the table and begins snoring.

There is something different about Faterella the next morning. Nick awakes as usual and he begins doing his morning chores…as usual. Nick makes breakfast for everyone…as usual. “I wonder what other people’s mornings are like because mine is not only the same every single day and it stinks,” said Nick to himself. Nick goes to his stepmother’sroom and Nick’s stepmother is still sleeping. “For the first time in my life my stepmother is still asleep. I’ll just let her breakfast get cold,”laughed Nick to himself. Nick then goes to his stepsisters’ room and pauses fora moment. He put his ear against his stepsisters’ bedroom door and listens.“Wait a minute, I hear snoring. They’re asleep too. Darn it, I guess I have just one more room left to go to,” said Nick to himself. Nick finally slowly and quietly enters Faterella’s room to deliver Faterella’s breakfast. But Nick is in for a little surprise. “Hey sis it’s your fav….holy crap! Who the hell are you?” screamed Nick. A girl who looks like a beautiful thin supermodel is sitting in her bra and underwear in Faterella’s bedroom.“Have my fantasies of wanting a supermodel girlfriend come true?” said Nick.“Nick it’s me, your sister. Now give me my breakfast and stop acting weird,” said the mysterious supermodel girl. “I have never seen or heard of a supermodel that’s hungry. This is messed up big time, man,” said Nick. “Nick what is wrong with you?” asked the mysterious supermodel girl. “What are you? Wait a minute, Faterella? Oh man, the fox was right. Look in your mirror. Your wish has been granted,” screamed Nick. Faterella looks at herself in the mirror and screams. Faterella begins touching herself to see if the person in the mirror is really her. “Oh, my god, I’m thin. I look like the models in my magazine. I have no more fat. How do I look Nick?” cried Faterella in excitement. Nick’s glasses begin to fog up when he looks at Faterella. Faterella begins to laugh. “Ah, since I’m your brother I don’t really want to say what I’m thinking in my head right now. I’ll get you some clothes that will fit,” said Nick. Nick goes to his stepsisters’ room while they are sleeping. Nick steals some of his stepsisters’ clothes. Nick and Faterella decide to look for clothes to wear at the ball. After Nick got her some underwear, Faterella was almost ready for the ball. “Man, we forgot shoes. I guess I’ll steal some again,” said Nick. Faterella is ready for the ball when all of a sudden they hear their stepsisters stirring. “Hey sis, we may have to hide from our stepmother and stepsisters for a while because they’d want to know how you lost weight so fast. I also sold the stepsisters’ clothes,” said Nick. Faterella pauses for a bit and then shegrins. “Nick I have an idea,” said Faterella. Nick goes to the bathroom to grab some sleeping pills. Nick grabs his pea shooter. Nick goes to his stepmother’s room and shoots six sleeping pills into her snoring open mouth.“Good night crazy lady. I hope you never wake up,” said Nick. Nick also goes to his stepsisters’ room and the stepsisters were also still sleeping.Nick shoots six sleeping pills into his stepsisters’ mouths too. “Say hi to the Sand Man for me losers,” said Nick. Nick and Faterella run down stairs in excitement. “Come on, Nick we don’t want to be late,” said Faterella. Meanwhile Faterella is running around the town and yelling. “I can run…I can run and I’m not tired. This is awesome!!” yelled Faterella. Nick is following her from behind and he looks tired. “Gentlemen, Faterella can now out run her brother and her appetite has also gone south for the winter,” said Nick in a tired voice. Also it should be noted that Nick and Faterella’s stepmother and stepsisters are invited to the Charming ball also. Once they awake they will getting ready and heading to the ball. Faterella can’t wait for her dream to come true! But will it? Time will only tell!

Part 3!

Now we go to Prince Charming who istalking to Riddle Fox in his bedroom. “Riddle Fox, exactly how long will I stay like this? I could meet my bride tonight,” said Prince Charming. “Don’t worry you’ll be fine, and hey, if this girl truly loves you, she’ll love you for you,” said Riddle Fox. “But it’s the real me I’m really afraid of and I hope I’ll never see that side of me again,” said Prince Charming. “Don’t be afraid. Remember, you’re not a monster,” said Riddle Fox. Then Riddle Fox hugs Prince Charming. “I have to see how your sister’s doing. I bet she’s feeling the same way you are,” said Riddle Fox. “Thanks old friend. You’ve been so helpful,” said Prince Charming. Riddle Fox smiles and leaves Prince Charming’s bedroom. Prince Charming sighs and continues to get ready for the ball.

There is a long road leading to the Charming Castle. Nick and Faterella continue their way to the ball. Nick and Faterella are walking to Charming Castle when Nick stops Faterella in front ofthe castle gate. “Faterella, I think the ball is full of rich people. Ithink I should quickly teach you how to be fancy, and heck you maybe even popular,” said Nick.

During the time before the ball,Nick teaches Faterella how to ballroom dance, Nick teaches Faterella how to speak properly, and Nick teaches Faterella how to act like a lady. Nick puts a plate of Buffalo wings on one side of a table and a Salad on the other side of the table. When Faterella reaches for the Buffalo wings, Nick’s slaps Faterella’s hand. Faterella tries to get the Buffalo wings and Nick’s slaps Faterella’s hand again. Faterella tries to grab the Buffalo wings again,but Nick slaps Faterella’s hand again. Then Faterella punches Nick in the face and Nick falls to the ground. “Sorry,” said Faterella. Nick and Faterella do their secret handshake. Nick and Faterella give each other a high-five. Nick and Faterella stand at the front gate of Charming Castle waiting in line to enter the Charming ball. Finally it’s almost time for the Charming ball.

Outside the castle grounds, Nick and Faterella are just about to enter the ball. Nick stops to ponder a thought. Nick thinks that Faterella should have a new name for her new look. Nick glances over at a cinder block at the bottom of the castlewall. He says to himself, “I think Faterella’s new name should be Cinderella.” What a twist! And by the way, they were escorted to the front of the line to get into the ball because of Faterella’s new looks. As they say, hot girls get what they want. I also forgot to mention Faterella and Nick’s stepmother and stepsisters have made their way to the ball also.

Cinderella (Faterella) walks into the ball and all the guys were checking Cinderella out. “Time for me to hit the buffet…time for some real food,” said Nick. Prince Charming and Alfred Charmingare talking to a bunch of girls when Prince Charming eyes catch Cinderella(Faterella) walking towards him. “Alfred, do you she her? Wow, that’s one hot woman,” said Prince Charming. “Well, ask her to dance with you…she’s all yours, brother,” said Alfred Charming. “Excuse me ladies, but I have to go,” cried Prince Charming. Prince Charming runs over to Cinderella. Cinderella and Prince Charming begin to flirt with each other. “So, what’s your name?”asked Prince Charming. “My name is Fa…I mean Cinderella. I’m an occasional supermodel and have appeared in many magazines,” said Cinderella.“You sure are beautiful,” said Prince Charming. “Wow, you’re the first guy who’s ever thought I was beautiful,” said Cinderella. “Those other guys must be blind then. Why does no one think you’re beautiful? I mean you said you are a model,” asked Prince Charming. “Oh, I lied about being a model. I’m actually a farmer’s daughter. I just wanted to impress you,” said Cinderella. “Just talking with you and looking at you impresses me,” said Prince Charming. “How sweet. My brother was wrong about you. You are a nice man,” said Cinderella. Music begins to play and Prince Charming pulls out his hand. “Want to dance with me?” asked Prince Charming. “I’d love to,”said Cinderella. Prince Charming and Cinderella are dancing together and for the first time in her life, Faterella isn’t exhausted from dancing. Nick continues to eat at the buffet. He is enjoying some peanuts and drinking some punch. “Wow, Faterella and Prince Charming dancing together!! I thought I’d never see the day, but man if Prince Charming knew who she really was it would be even funnier,” said Nick to himself. Oh don’t worry Nick…secrets will soon be revealed!

Cinderella (Faterella) and Prince Charming are still dancing and Nick is eating like crazy at the buffet. “Man this is awesome! I’m surprised they let me into this ball. It’s a good thing I lied and said I was Cinderella’s Jewish agent. Ha, I’m not even Jewish,” said Nick to himself with food in his mouth. Nick turns around and sees a hot chick that looks like his age walking towards the buffet table.Nick’s jaw drops when he sees her. “Wow! That girl looks mighty fine. Hey, since I have magical powers I bet I could…,” said Nick to himself. Nick snaps his fingers and he turns himself into a male model. Nick goes up to the girl now looking and talking like a stud. The reality of the situation is that Nick may have turned himself into a stud male model, but little does he know, the girl who’s hot is just like him. Without magicshe is ugly and nerdy. But I again don’t want to spoil anything foryou. Nick goes up to the beautiful girl to flirt with her. “Hello,what’s your name beautiful?” asked Nick. “My name is May Charming,” said May Charming. “Wow you’re a Charming? I have never heard of you before. Like in the media. They never mention you as being part of the Charming family. Aren’t you mad your brother gets all the fame?” asked Nick. “Well, I don’treally like being in the spotlight that much,” said May Charming. “Yah, your brothers are everywhere. And guess what? My sister has the biggest crush on your brother. To me, you all seemed like spoiled brats. No offense,” said Nick. “Oh don’t worry, I understand. We’re rich and famous, so people think that from time to time. So what’s your name?”asked May Charming. “Oh my name…okay…it’s…it’s…crap…,” said Nick. Then May Charming begins to feel funny and she looks at her hands. All of a sudden the skin on May Charming’s hands begins to melt as if it were burning. “What’s wrong, beautiful?” asked Nick. “I’m not going to be beautiful for long…I mean…look over there,” cried May Charming. Nick turns where May Charming pointed and then as he turns back he sees May Charming running away into the shadows then Nick runs after May Charming. Prince Charming and Cinderella stop dancing and look at each other. “I…,” said Prince Charming and Cinderella at the same time. “You first,” said Cinderella. “I think I love you. I may choose you to be my bride, but somehow I feel like I know you from somewhere else,” saidPrince Charming. “How do you mean?” asked Cinderella. “Well, you kind of sound like this girl I met somewhere, but besides your hair and eyes, you look nothing like her,” said Prince Charming. “Do you remember her name?” askedCinderella. “Well…I think her name was Faterella. I just wish I could apologize to her,” said Prince Charming. “Faterella? I know her. She’s a famous sumo wrestler. Why do you want to apologize to her?” asked Cinderella. “Well, I kind of embarrassed her a couple of days ago. I didn’t really mean to hurt her feelings and the guilt has been driving me crazy,”said Prince Charming. “Trust me, she’s probably forgiven you already, but anyway, I love you too. I always have,” said Cinderella. Prince Charming and Cinderella finally kiss each other. Nick tries to find May Charming. But Nick soon stops because he sees May Charming talking to Riddle Fox? “What the heck! Riddle Fox, what are you doing here?” asked Nick. “Nick…is that you…wow…you know how to use your magical powers don’t yah?” said Riddle Fox.“Cut the crap! Why are you helping the…what the…,”said Nick. Nick seesthe real May Charming who is actually Melted Girl. Nick screams in horror and immediately vomits after looking at Melted Girl.

“Wait a minute…May Charmingis Melted Girl? I seen pictures of her once in a freak show. Wait a minute. I heard stories of a freak running lose in the kingdom on occasion.They said the Charming family knew something about another freak called the Wild Man, but he…Prince Charming is the Wild Man isn’t he?” cried Nick. “Yah,Prince Charming and I are freaks in real life okay?” said Melted Girl. MeltedGirl begins to cry. “Look, I’m sorry I screamed and vomited in front of you. But you must know I have my secrets too,” said Nick. Nick turns back into his nerd form. “I wasn’t good looking either, but anyway, man, wouldn’t Faterella find this…Oh my god! Faterella is falling in love with the Wild Man. That’s nasty. Look I have to talk to her!” cried Nick.“Wait! You can’t tell anyone that me and my brother are really freaks,”cried Melted Girl. “Sorry, but I have to…she loves him for god’s sake and wait…maybe she can fall…,” said Nick. But before Nick could tell Faterella the truth El Killo was blocking Nick’s way. “Sorry nerd, it’s not your job to tell the world the truth. No, that’ll be Alfred Charming’s job,” said El Killo. “What will be Alfred Charming’s job?” asked Melted Girl. “You know how long Alfred Charming’s been holding the family secret? He’s going to reveal the truth tonight and now I am ordered by him to stop you,” said ElKillo. “I accept your challenge, it’s going to be round two now. Bring it on! I’m fighting for family,” yelled Nick. Nick and El Killo begin fighting each other again. Now, the truth will be revealed! But can our heroes save the day? Nick is about to realize the meaning for his life!

Prince Charming and Cinderella(Faterella) are dancing together and then all of a sudden Prince Charming andCinderella (Faterella) both feel funny. “Oh man, I don’t feel so good,” said Cinderella (Faterella). Then Cinderella (Faterella) notices her clothes are feeling tighter. She appears to be getting fatter. “Oh crap! I have togo,” cried Faterella. Faterella ran away. “Wait! What’s wrong Rinder…RI rean…roh ro,” cried Prince Charming. Prince Charming is slowly turning into the Wild Man and then he flees. But before they can get any further, Alfred appears from out of nowhere and his hands start to glow. “Time for the truth to be revealed. Time to put these freaks where they belong,” yelled Alfred Charming. Alfred Charming makes two cages trapping Prince Charming and Cinderella out of dark light. “What’s going on here?” cried Prince Charming. “Where did these cages come from?” cried Faterella. You see once his ugly siblings became extremely good looking, Alfred Charming is no longer the sexiest man alive. Alfred Charming can now forever use his magical powers for evil. “Behold, I give you the real Prince Charming,” yelled Alfred Charming. Before everyone’s eyes, Prince Charming turns into the Wild Man and lets out a loud roar. Alfred Charming starts laughing evilly. “You see, the man you voted the sexiest man in the land is in reality a monster.What about his girlfriend over in cage number two?” yelled Alfred Charming.

Nick just defeated El Killo in their fight. “I guess we better hurry up and stop Alfred,” said Nick. “I believe it’s too late for that,” said Riddle Fox. Then Riddle Fox points to Alfred Charmingwho is floating above everyone. Alfred Charming’s eyes and hands were glowing like a dark light. “Brother, let’s see who you’re girlfriend really is,” yelled Alfred Charming. Alfred Charming points to Cinderella who has turned back into Faterella. “No! I want to be thin again,” cried Faterella. Alfred Charming begins to laugh evilly. “It ras rou I rell rin love rith the whole time…rit rall makes sense now,” cried Wild Man (PrinceCharming). Nick comes out with Riddle Fox and May Charming by his side.“People, the Charming’s are freaks, but I take it you guys already figured that one out,” yelled Nick. “Nick, what’s going on?,” cried Faterella. “Please Alfred turn things back to normal!!” cried May Charming. “Normal? May this is what’s normal from now on,” yelled Alfred Charming. “But whyAlfred? Why are you doing this?” cried May Charming. “You haven’t figured itout? I used to be the pretty boy. I used to be the sole heir to the Charming kingdom throne. But now that some stupid talking fox turned you two into supermodels my spotlight is taken away from me. Now that you two are freaks again, Mom and Dad will give you back to Mr. We and the kingdom will be mine again. I WANT TO BE KING!!” yelled Alfred Charming. “But the people know the truth already. Mom and Dad said we can stay after the truth is revealed. Since you told everybody the truth, we can stay,”cried May Charming. “Enough then. I guess I’ll just kill you both. The world doesn’t need freaks anyway,” yelled Alfred Charming. At that moment Nick flies into the room and punches Alfred Charming. “How dare you punch me,peasant,” yelled Alfred Charming in anger. “If I could kick El Killo’s butt, I can defiantly defeat you,” yelled Nick. Nick’s hands begin to glow blue while Alfred’s hands began to glow red. Nick and Alfred Charming are fighting with their magic. They are flying around in the air while blasting each other with magical lights. May Charming and Riddle Fox watch the fight along with everyone else at the Charming ball. “Who will win this fight Riddle Fox?”asked May Charming. “I don’t know May, I just don’t know,” said RiddleFox. “You can’t win Nick, I’m stronger then you,” yelled Alfred Charming. “Yes,I can,” yelled Nick. Nick shoots Alfred with a magic ball of light and after Alfred is hit with it, he falls to the ground. The blast of the magic ball oflight kills Alfred Charming. “Rest in peace Alfred. Sorry I killed you, but I had to do it because I knew you were evil to the world and your family,” said Nick. Nick is wounded and beaten, but able to walk. El Killo runs out and grabs Alfred Charming’s dead body. El Killo begins crying. “Master Alfred is dead. No! I have no one to protect anymore. My lifeis meaningless.” With Alfred dead the cages he created disappear and Faterella and the Wild Man are free. They slowly walk over towards each other. “So this is the real you? I guess all those magazines lied about you?” saidFaterella. “Yah, rorry ror thinking rou were ra ruy refore,” said WildMan. “Wow, I guess we should have just told each other the truth,” saidFaterella. Wild Man (Prince Charming) nods his head in agreement.

Meanwhile the castle guards arearresting El Killo. The castle guards spot Nick because El Killo points in hisdirection. “Arrest that criminal, he killed royalty,” cried El Killo. “Thanks for taking care of Alfred Charming, we know he was the bad guy here, Nick,”said the Castle guard #1. Castle guard #1 winks at Nick and Nick gives him a thumbs up. “Damn it, I did nothing wrong here!” cried El Killo. “El Killo, you’re fired after years of being the royal family bodyguard. Take him to the dungeon,” said May Charming. “What…no…no…I am the best fighter in the world. This isn’t happening…Charming family…I will get my revenge,” cried El Killo. El Killo is taken away to the dungeon where he will serve a life sentence for helping Alfred Charming. Now, it’s almost time for the final chapter! How will this story end? Read on to find out!

Nick is talking to Riddle Fox.“Hey, Riddle Fox can you teach me some magic,” asked Nick. “Yes I can,” saidRiddle Fox. Faterella sighs and then Nick feels a tap on the shoulder. “Nick,we should probably head back home,” said Faterella. “Yah, you’re right,sis. Bye you guys. It was nice to get to know you better. Riddle Fox, catch up with you sometime,” said Nick. Nick and Faterella areabout to leave when May Charming comes out in front of Nick and Faterella. “Hey, you guys can live with us and become a part of the royal family because of saving the kingdom and all. If you guys want to live here, tell me now, please,” asked May Charming. “You mean even though we lied to you guys, you want us to live with you?” said Faterella. “We love rou…I rean…I…roh crap…,” said Wild Man. Faterella goes up and kisses Wild Man and Faterella and the Wild Man begin making out. “So again, do you want to live with us?” asked May Charming. “We’ll do it, but it looks like me and you are in-laws,” said Nick. Then everyone at the Charming ball cheered.

Nick and Faterella soon move in with the Charming family. And just like that Nick and Faterella live thelife of royalty. Faterella and Prince Charming (Wild Man) announce their engagement and will soon be married. Now we go to a couple of days after the ball where Nick is walking around the Charming castle wearing nice clothes instead of rags. Nick is also the royal advisor to the Charming family as well.“Man, I must be the luckiest kid in the world. I’m glad that I don’t live with my evil stepmother anymore, but I do wonder how Riddle Fox knew my father.Who cares! For now, I’m part of the royal family. Dreams can come true,” said Nick. Riddle Fox shows up floating towards Nick. “Speaking of your father,Nick, I know who your father really is and he’s not dead,” said Riddle Fox. “My dad’s not dead? Who is he?” asked Nick. “That dream…do you remember it?”asked Riddle Fox. “What dream?” asked Nick. “The battlefield and the man in the black armor talking to you….remember now?” asked Riddle Fox.

“That man in the black armor is myreal father? He talked to me through my dreams. That’s messed up. What’s my dad’s name?” asked Nick. “Your dad’s name is Dark Mark. He is an evil king in the Magical Universe. Dark Mark has killed many people and you are the only one who can stop him killing anymore people” said RiddleFox. “So, my father is the bad guy? What’s the Magical Universe anyway?”asked Nick. “You see long ago, the world of man and the world of magical creatures were one. But when man and the magical creatures’ relationship began to change, man began war against the magical creatures and to end these wars, the magical creatures created their own universe. That universe,Nick, is the Magical Universe,” said Riddle Fox. “So, will I get to go to the Magical Universe someday?” asked Nick. “When the time is right. Let’s begin your training, young one,” said Riddle Fox. Nick and Riddle Fox begin training together with their magical powers. There were a lot of morals in this story,like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, life is what you make of it….and…dreams really can come true…all you have to do is wish…and believe!

The End!