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September 16, 2008


"I hate quotations, tell me what you know." - Ralph Waldo E.


Okay, Ralphie, I'll stop quoting you then!  Haha!  Well…after that one above.  This made me thinks I should cease and desist tonight from my inspirational quotes from old dead dudes (yes, even the hot Greek ones…) and well - let YOU tell me what you know.  And in thinking of this, a little too much, I decided to cheat of course.  So below you will find 'your knowledge IN your quotations', the very first that you sent MPG J 


"hey and thanx for being a fan" - DaveMcBrayer (he loved me from the start)


" :-) come on in " - tarafara (and I did…and then the door closed behind me…)


"anyone who’s a fan of jimmy fucking ben, i’m a fan of…oh, that doesn’t flow as nicely as it would the other way ‘round…you get the idea" - twonicus (classic Twon - throwing on the F-bomb right from the start)  ;-)


"awesome inside tiger… no wait that’s from something…." - shaughn72 (I still don't know what the hell he was talking about), but then he said "oh yeah, will said it or something, cute. i’d comment on your rad pic, but i wouldn’t want you to get a swelled eye or something." - (too late buddy - BITCH SLAP!)


"you have the eye of the tigress, check out CSI: KRISPY KREME on C HANNEL59 with guest stars like EVA LONGORIA and JOE PESCI. Plus thers donuts and gun happy cops….you can’t miss !!" - channel 59 (self-promotion is beautiful…it worked, by the way, I was hooked from then on)


"Nobody said beauty was painless. (Your eye has enslaved us!)"- SpaceHospital (Enslaved you?...well, how did I end up being an employee then?...hmmm)


"yeah, ya damn right I'm neat" - SEDproductions (those guys are neat AND phad)


Perronbrothers gave me 'Awesome Pants' and then later told me to stop looking at their butt…I can't…I can't


"I like any and every kind of bananas!! :O!! :)" - Piffany (naughty girl that I love!)


"You're welcome, cutie patootie!" - Amy4Birds, followed by "Nature is a startling and mysterious beeyotch, but I love her!" - (you had me at Beeyotch, Amy…) XXOO!


"Me, Pride, and Joy, thank you - we're trying to make the world a cleaner place." - NoelleD (and you DO!  But you also make it very dirty…)  Love you!


"hello doll!" - katecastella, followed by, "CANDY!!!!!!  You speak my native tongue!" (I know and it's SWEET!)


"I'll get you in one darlin." - Butch Jackson (and he did…and I didn't blink once!)


"Glad to help. Canada can breathe again." - litho (hehe, that's so funny your first comment to me was about Canada, but I think I started it…somehow)


"MIND VOMIT!!!" - gottadime (thanks O'Brien :-), although I think you were commenting on my status message - either way, it's good isn't it?)


"Thanks, I really appreciate that.  You rock!" - PJBaio (aw…and now I have his abs)


"thanks for subscribing - you're awesome!" - RickyShoresSingsTheBlues (naw…YOU THE AWESOME!)


"Gee, thanks for the kind words (blushing) and nice to make your aquaintance. Thanks also for reading my blog, looks like we run in the same circle, that whole lovely, motley crew!" - goatiegirl (don't I know it! XXOO, gg)


"Sorry kid, I'm union!" - turnems (I still need my money, 'Daddy', that's not an excuse I buy)


"I got here too late for the cat naming?" - kalala (yes, but you can rename the beast any day!)


"Why thank you darling…maybe I should stop using the excema medicine the dr gave me." - phukuhp (don't EVER stop, I love your beautiful pictures)


"I'm cooking Macra-roni." - PBandJ (they make a mean PBandJ too, heehee)


"dig the blog!" - lux (she so sweet!)


'Well, ok, but it's been so long, I forget who spits on the finger…" - chadder (we spit on something else…hehe)



Woe, that took a long time to go through but it was the best fun I've had this week so far J  I love you all - mpg