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July 08, 2015

The diet of Pasta provides a daily pasta, topped with light sauces with vegetables. For dinner there are more protein foods instead as meat, fish, cheese, lean, cooked ever so slight and never fried.

Proper Food Combinations of The Fat Burning Kitchen Diet

Dieting is not always possible, especially in times of stress and work is almost unthinkable follow strict food scheme. You can still try to eat right, which many often try to do maybe depriving themselves of the first and only eating the second or abandoning the idea of eating a dessert.
Eat well: food tips
Actually just follow a few tips for eating well while still not following a diet and indulge in almost all foods during meals.
You need to make the right food combinations and then combine foods properly to each other following, first, two basic rules in every meal:
Or Eat carbohydrates coupled with vegetables
Or eating fats with vegetablesThese are two more balanced combinations for our body and more useful for the purpose of physical fitness.
So if you want to allow a dish of pasta with tomato sauce for lunch, maybe, you will then eat a plate of herbs not seasoned.
If you want to eat some cheese for dinner simply match them to the salad, but removing the bread.
Still if you want to snag one to rule and have a sweet, will not be a big problem if the meal was consumed only of mixed salad.
Following these rules can allow almost anything without being behind a set diet, which after some time could become heavy and tedious to follow.
Eat healthy
Certainly the advice above is necessary to add more.
It is good to not only try to consume fruits and vegetables several times a day but also consume lean protein every day. Lean proteins are all those foods primarily proteins but low in fat. An example can be: rabbit meat, chicken, Turkey and veal, egg white, without forgetting the skimmed yogurt and legumes together though cereals.

With the Pasta Diet you can lose weight with a healthy and balanced diet without giving up the carbohydrates. Considered the main enemy of the line, the pasta is the first to be eliminated when you must lose weight.
The pasta is actually one of the basic foods, in fact no coincidence that pasta and cereals are found at the base of the food pyramid. Even if it is not consumed every day should never be eliminated completely by own power, if not for a short time (15-20 days). In any case, even with a low-calorie program including the dough, which is going to provide from 1400 to 1600 calories per day, you can lose weight.

The dough is formed primarily from wheat, which like all cereals belongs to the Group of carbohydrates, the main source of energy for the body.
Taking in 100 grams of spaghetti analysis, their composition is as follows: 75% carbohydrate, 13% protein, 10% water, 2% fat. Cholesterol is equal to zero, and there are about 350 calories, depending on the type. Pasta lovers (and in Italy are really many!) could get excellent results both from the point of view of the line of mood with the diet of pasta, the secret lies in moderate quantities.

The Pasta Diet is a diet that provides adequate consumption of all substances necessary to health: complex sugars or carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread), proteins (meat, fish, eggs, cheese), and fruits and vegetables, preferably vegetable fats (olive oil).
This diet provides about 1,400 calories a day and allows you to lose approximately 1 Kg per week, so you must follow for at least a month but you can continue even if needed another month. To have a healthier weight loss it is recommended to replace the traditional pasta with integral or with other cereals (e.g. kamut, spelt pasta, etc.).

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The diet of Pasta provides a daily pasta, topped with light sauces with vegetables. For dinner there are more protein foods instead as meat, fish, cheese, lean, cooked ever so slight and never fried. To facilitate the purification of the body it is important to drink two litres of water per day.
Are recommended no more than 3 teaspoons of olive oil a day to season and cook.

To flavor foods, you can use herbs and spices in the quantities desired, orange juice and lemon juice. Prefer Apple Cider vinegar and lemon to taste wine vinegar more decided.