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March 25, 2013

You guys hate reposts? Well then fuck you. ....but just to be clear this is my own thing, not a repost.


"Love? What love?"

That's you. That's me imitating you. You're reading this going: 
"I don't understand…people hate reposts! They treat them like shit!"
Yes! You're right! We all hate them. We do. When we go on our favourite website like Reddit or 9gag or 4Chan (although I'm confident that's no one's favourite website) we hate on reposts because we want fresh, new, exciting posts. Posts that make you laugh. I include myself in this group of people.

There's something that's worse than reposts…those who hate on reposters. Could you be more snobby than that? It's a fucking website! A FUCKINGWEBSITE! The reposter isn't going to give two shits if you dislike it. You could be a grandma with a cat on her lap. You could be a seven year old taking a break from saying "pussy" in to the mic while playing the new CODgame. The point is, wherever you come from, no one cares. That's the internet. That's the way it is. I'm sure people reading this article will agree with me (by either commenting or by silently hating this article) and either way it improves my internet point. What I won't do is get mad at people for reposting things. Maybe they've got lives and can't spot every repost on the internet.

During the space from the last paragraph and this one, I looked at Reddit. Not even because I was looking for matieral or respots (who would?) but because it was habit. I'm one of those people that could spot a repost. This is how I handle them:
"Oh. Haha."


How dumb would it be to see a post one day, laugh really hard at it, see it a month later, and not laugh? Right? Really fucking stupid. When you show your friends some stand-up on youtube, and then you tell them the jokes that were in it…it's sort of like verbal repost. No one's going to call you out because 1. They've got a decent IQ and 2. They just don't care enough.

That's my rant.

Hopefully it's not a repost…Am I right? Amiright???