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August 17, 2014

"It is important to know what kind of person Mr. Brown truly was," Chief Jackson.



In a news conference today, Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson offered some more details to the public about Michael Brown and who this young black man truly was. He listed these traits:

  • As a baby, Mr. Brown would whine and cry until he got what he wanted.

  • As a toddler, sometimes Mr. Brown would wander off away from his mother making his mother’s life difficult.

  • When Mr. Brown was four years old, he was once at a candy shop and used a scooper to take some Jelly Belly beans that he did not pay for.

  • In the first grade, he was once taken out of the classroom for being disrespectful to his teacher.

  • As a young teenager, he began to masturbate, which is a mortal sin according to the Catholic Church.

  • He would sometimes cross the street on the “Do not walk” sign when there were no cars around.

“I hope these facts have made a clearer impression about Mr. Brown for you,” Chief Jackson said.