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March 09, 2010


I was bored today. So, I tried an experiment. I sent the following email to 30 complete strangers to see how many of them would respond and what the hell they would say:

"Ha! That's a good point. I know exactly what you mean. But don't you think there's something more going on between the two of them? I'm sure you saw the sext that was going around, right? Email me if not. I'll forward it to you for a good laugh."

I figure that even though none of them will know what the fuck I'm talking about (I don't even know!), some will write back out of sheer curiosity to see the sext.

Anyway, all this screwing with people is making me thirsty. Here's today's haiku photo:

JoeLeeThree jubilees:

GOLD: Rotwang

This is the same thing_That clay did to mpg _To get her pregnant

(not a pretty picture, but you have to think it's true)

SILVER: Captainshenanigans

In Guatemala__This would definitely pass__As a kids car seat.

(same thing is true in North Texas)


Please Operator__Child Welfare Services__Is needed right now.

(never around when you need them)