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August 09, 2010

do not underestimate this breed.. Wisdom from the beginning of time.

A Note on Barbers


They are not exactly who they appear to be.  If you have been spending most of your life frequenting the girlie girl hairstyle salons and have recently made the change to the old fashioned cut and clip barber – then Bravo.  It might have been that bald spot that causes the beginning of your hairline to curl up like emasculated devil’s horns that first brought you to a real hair cutter, one steep in long tradition, but no matter how you made the transition you ended up in the right place.   A Barber knows how to handle odd, incomplete hair.  

Be appreciative, but wary of this fastidious breed.  They are actually a quite competitive, macho lot.   If you sash-shay into their little world expecting to be the new sheriff in town – think again.   These are not your ordinary powder puff clipping virtuosos.   Many of these guys have 5, 10, 20 years under their belts in the Marine Corps.  That red and blue twirling peppermint pole is all blood and guts baby.

Unlike your medical doctors you want these free wheeling types to be at optimal comfort in their own domain.  There is nothing to fear from a  fast-moving Barber no matter his age.   These guys, unlike doctors, do not waltz into their operating rooms without careful scrutiny from more advanced fellows of their profession.  You want an open razor shave – fine go ahead.