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September 18, 2012

Kate Middleton's legal victory over topless photos, inspires Disney princess Jasmine to follow suit.

Kate Middleton recently won a tense legal battle against the French tabloid, Closerwho illegally obtained topless photos of the princess, TMZ reported.

Now after witnessing such swift justice, another iconic princess has also decided “enough is enough.” Jasmine, a prominent member of the Egyptian royal family, was the victim of some peeping tom photography recently and she plans to right the wrong.

The young queen-in-training was spotted tanning topless next to her pet tiger, Rajah, while cruising the open waters of the Mediterranean.

Jasmine plans to take legal action within the week against the slurry of Egyptian tabloids that reportedly possess the private photos.

Representatives of Rajah have also been in talks with PETA to pursue legal action of their own over the inappropriate photos of the young tiger’s filthy bits.