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Published July 18, 2010
Those Were Different Times Contest #74Introducing "HALLOWE'EN" by LIONEL BARRYMORE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. Pussies!! That should read 'Decomposed and Aerated by Lionel Bury More' - whattaya think this is...Freakin' EASTER?-csymonz 8.5. It's really sad the kinds of codes gays resorted to during the Depression.8. I'd like to stuff that pretentious apostrophe down his damned thespian throat.-keibar 7.5. My favourite line is when he says "Fuck the Yellow Brick Road".7. Every Hallowe'en Kimbo Slice chooses his next fight. Some say the odds are stacked against the competition.-buttermilk 6. Whoa, that's one scary Jack-'o-lantern you got there boys-drwho 5. Because fucking up Christmas just wasn't enough.-missalicia 4. There he is, top right... One in six munchkins prefer knobs.-spase 3. Includes the hit "Say Hello To My Little Weener."-Gerhardguffaw 2. WHAT UNION???-phukuhp 1.5. A blood-curdling tale of an elf-killer who buries his victims in the huge severed head of an overrated thespian.1. It's on "Mini-Giant-Masturbator®" Records.-theDIRTYmidget