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Published October 20, 2010
Majong is an ancient game that originates from China, the original game is often played by four players. Involving skill, strategy, calculation and a certain degree of chance.

Majong is usually played with a set of 152 tiles using Chinese characters and symbols. Often people mistake Ma Jong as a domino game, This is wrong as Mah Jong is similar with European card games, such as rummy. On the web Ma Jong Solitaire has become very popular. There are many internet games that simulate this game available.

 Unlike Mahjong, Mah Jong Solitaire is a single player game. In Majong Solitaire there is a tower of Mahjong Tiles in various configurations and the player must remove pairs of tiles from the towers.

 In Mahjong Connect, the tiles are laid out in the same positions for each round. The board is 10 tiles high and 14 tiles across. The aim of the game is still removal of identical tiles, but you cannot eliminate tiles if they are located too far apart from each other on the board. The layout also changes as you remove tiles. This shifting makes boards more difficult as you progress. You is given a time limit to complete the puzzle and a set number of moves, If you run out of time, the game ends but if you run out moves, the board will shuffle to give you more tiles to eliminate.

 Many people find Mahjong games extremely addictive and end up playing them anywhere they can, on their android phones, blackberries, and desktop pc's. Yahoo! games has one of the most popular versions of Ma Jong Solitaire, you can also find the more traditional four player version of Ma Jong. You can also select a exciting cartoon to represent you! Whilst enjoying Mah Jong games you can meet and possibly even make new friends!

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