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Published May 27, 2011 More Info »

Go right on with the spying on me governement because all your going to find on me is that i brake ever i gets my hands on, i tend to hurt myself a lot, am drunk and or high a lot, i bet off like 5 times a day and i gamble when ever i can, i like all kinds of music, i have no job or car and i live with my parents, all my friends / family are on drugs and i watch a lot of t.v shows \ sports and am into hippie sh*t because am a vegan. So yeah i have no life at all so if you feel like having no life at all come on down d*cks licks because i could use a good f*cking for someone that is not me for once. This one time someone jacked my iD and now they have no life and they are wanted in at least 2 states. An yeah about the terrorist attack thing i would do it alone and not tell anyone what i was going to do because am a lone wolf punk that doesn't give 2 sh*t you mothers f*ckers. Because i do what i want bud! So see you prison soon.