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July 29, 2016

No one is allowed to joke anymore I guess after Trump's joke gets blown WAY OUT of proportion.

Earlier this week, in a press conference, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made an off hand JOKE about Russia giving him access to Hillary Clinton’s ILLEGAL emails (Yes, the media forgets that word A LOT! Huh, wonder why?). So Trump makes this joke and, of course, the media blows it all out of proportion calling it treason or worse (and yet they give Hillary a pass on her ILLEGAL emails? Huh, wonder why?).
Trump went on Fox News after the press conference and clearly explained he was joking and being sarcastic but the media IGNORED that too (but they didn’t ignore everyone calling Hillary’s emails NOT illegal! Huh, wonder why. (Pssst, maybe it’s because they are crooked and liberal just like Hillary.))

Clip from Fox News is below (relevant clip starts at 3:45), judge for yourself…

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

It’s a shame because there was a time when a presidential candidate could make a joke and the lib-witch-hunt-media wouldn’t be down their necks saying the joke was treason or worse. Remember Richard Pryor? Now THAT was a comedian…