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January 09, 2009


To the peacock's credit, he is not the lamest scribe I have encountered. A few years ago, I dated a very hyper active fellow who was quite handsome, but a little bit morbid. He wouldn't tell me what his novel was about and then finally elaborated that the main story revolved around a gang of mobster/thugs who would intimidate the people they brutalized by ripping their tongues out so that they wouldn't be able to tell the police who attacked them. So, I calmly asked if they also broke the fingers/hands of their prey and he was like "Why?" And I elaborated with him that people could very simply write down who did it to them unless of course that particular group of mafia/thugs only preyed upon the illiterate. I think I was offended on a level, one because it was a lame story and two, because I am an avid John Irving fan and he describes a similar account of crime committed upon Ellen James in the book The World According to Garp...so it felt a little plagerized. We went out to dinner later and I remember the exact moment I just looked at him, shook my head and said "This isn't going to work for me."