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March 16, 2010


Ok i know there hasnt been 1 in a while and not threw lack of fuel for my bitching as me lovley missus will tell you .anyway its boxing day and i hope that santa has all been good to you this month i will explain the greacous thing that happened that is the christmas number 1 

Now for a series of around 5 years simon cowel the man who made his carreer start by dressing as a dog(this is fact check it outhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw0yfiRz9zY) has been dominating the christmas no.1 with his large production of tv shows in this case the xfactor.Now first of all they dont seemed to do anything else other than ballads and i agree the ballad is always written to get to you emotionally but weres the variation lets have somthing a bit more upbeat im sure that we would all love to see jedward do the ymca  or some come on eileen. Now i must admit im one of these people who dont actually watch it past the auditions if atall but thats because its turned into some boaring same old twaddle that gets you addicted just like that big brother even though ive not watched that since the third series.But you have to admit simon cowell is  a buisiness man and a dam good one at that he wouldnt be were he is today if he didnt make hits cheesey ones mostly i admit but hits never the less hits .

The whole idea of trying to knock the MAN (as well call him) of the christmas number one slot is not new its been going since the start with no sucsess .Last year we thought we had a chance us who view  the MAN as the person who is almost single handedly killing the variation in the charts and in proffesinal music itself .That hope came in the form of a comedey character created by one of britians best loved commedians Peter Kay.Obviosly in the form of Geraldine who had previously in the year went on to win Britaians got the pop factor and possiblely a new jesus crist soapstar superstar strictly on ice( I can say that but typing it took me forever) With  her song Once apon a christmas song .Now sadly due to the release of the cd single being dellayed (This is the same excuse little jo is using aparently .We already knew he cant write his own songs so why is it a surprise he cant come up with an excuse of his own)it never got to the number 1 slot but comming in a very respectable no.2  .

Now that was a proper Christmas song but still failed so a simple man was thinking this year how do we stop the MAN and started a facebook page asking people to buy rage  against the machine Killing in the name of . And since ive just realised how much im rambiling on he did it a proper viaral campain strated by one single person now yes this happenes everyday but not on thjis scale .now the MAN mayt not be dead but we can still make him realise he is not incontrol of everything so i say we keep fighting him and(he comes the cheesey motavational line) Killing in the name of proper vartiaons on music and killing the same old twaddle