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Published December 21, 2012

Bombshell Mila Kunis is the latest of Hollywood’s beautiful actresses to have a sex tape leaked on the internet. And trust me, even 2 minutes of this steamy recording would make ANYone forget about Sarah Marshall.
The tape shows Mila and her new beau, Ashton Kutcher, getting intimate in an unorthodox setting wearing their Athletic Bands. Apparently, her millionaire penetration partner purchased the old ‘That 70’s Show’ set, wherein the sultry scenes of the sex tape take place.
Dressed in their classic character’s disco-era clothes, Mila & Ashton re-assume their roles of Kelso & Jackie and f**k like Cialis laden bunnies. Sprinkled throughout the romance are pratfalls from Kutcher and snarky one-liners from Kunis – all backed by a cheesy laugh track.
After Ashton Kutches on Mila’s Kunis, they cut to a scene on the infamous basement set, where fellow ex-cast mates, Topher Grace and Laura Prepon, reprise their roles of lovers, Eric and Donna. This odd onscreen coupling was hard enough to buy during the show and once you see them actually have sex on this tape, it becomes even MORE unbelievable.
After that awkward sexual debacle, producer Kutcher decided to appeal to the Mature fetishists out there with a 35 minute scene showing Red (Kurtwood Smith) & Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) sweatily rubbing their wrinkly bits on each other in the kitchen.
This epic sex tape ends with an extensive orgy, employing all the past cast members, from Wilmer Valderrama to Tommy Chong, grunting and thrusting on each other. Sadly, at the height of passion, an absentminded Jon Cryer mistakenly wanders on set and forces everyone “out of the mood” when he desperately offers to be the Fluffer.