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February 04, 2016

NFL Game Watch Cheat Sheet and Match up.

Week 19 is at hand, and looks to have a significant impact on which friends can still call each other that after the Superbowl.

Frank (10-2) is in the lead for game watch attendance, and can clinch the group’s Game Watch MVP Title with a win over James (9-3), who left the game last week in the first quarter. James missed the remaining three quarters, after an injury to his right thumb involving a broken beer funnel, and reportedly watched the rest of the game at home.

Injuries are quickly becoming a big theme this week and are looming over Sunday’s showdown between the match up of recent exes, Angela and Robbie. Karen made the trip in from New Jersey for emotional support, and while it hasn’t been announced yet, is expected to play in the drinking games.

Reigning fantasy football champion Sandy has also been dealt a tough hand this week after rushing 45 yards in a intramural game and breaking her ankle yesterday. It has not been announced yet if she will partake in the drinking games.

Meanwhile, the West Coast friends are looking to not be forgotten. They plan on being heavily involved in the drinking games and will continue to talk trash through the group text. With Peter in Green Bay, Stan in Chicago and Sarah and Alison in Miami, there are serious contenders as to who will hog the group text the most.

The Super Bowl will be the first of two meetings in three weeks between the exes, whose remarks leading into the week have reflected the stark contrast to their approaches. The boisterous Angela left no doubt that she looks forward to the opportunity for a drunken hookup, while the more subdued Robbie just shrugged off the hype and relayed little to no emotion, focusing solely on the screen.

With their relationship at it’s center, Robbie’s offense has been off-kilter in a five-fight losing streak with Angie who keeps bringing up his past lapses.

Here are the three other predictions that will define Week 19:
Robbie’s defense will need to block Adam, the ex-boyfriend who is now on the offensive and back in town.
Sandy who keeps trigger passing the game due to her ankle.
Beer which makes James vulnerable. He has absorbed 35 hits over the last 9 contests between the friends group.

This weekend each friend will have to figure out how to contain the top rushers of rival fans, keep a good balance between the offensive and defensive of shot to beer ratio, or risk never being invited back to the Super Bowl, or kicked out of the bar again.