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I've decided it's time to get serious about my desk. She's been with
me through thick and thin, and now I'm going to commit. I'm going to
decorate my tiny little desk area into something that I'm proud of,
into something that could inspire me, and into something that will
definitely make cotton candy.
I don't know how to really begin though. I mean, I have my colour
scheme, I have all the standard pieces; desk, light, chair, ect, but
what how do I put it all together?
I figured looking at pictures of other people's offices would help,
but it mostly left me wanting to throw everything out and to start
again. It's fine, I don't need groceries for the next couple of weeks,
I need a big pink comfortable desk chair! One that has little silky
bows on the side and cashmere cushioning, and when I sit down a bird
flies by and lies a tiara upon my head. That's when we sing a melody
together and my fairy god mother comes in and hands me ice cream and
tells me all the Kardashians have retired from being rich and in your
face about it. I laugh, a single tear of pure joy runs down my face,
and the credits to my life roll.
What was I saying?
Yes, office.
You know what? I'm just going to dump a couple cans of paint over it.
That should do the trick.


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