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January 18, 2016

Best to figure out if all that free porn out there has permanently warped your brain and turned you into a perv. We don't want to have to hand you over to the Evangelicals for indoctrination and revision or anything like that...

Are You A Perv?

I think you are a closet pervert. Here’s what gave it away :

1. When you went to the grocery store you only picked food based on how fun it would be to lick off the body…

2. Every time you stare at a cloud it happens to look like a position from the Kama Sutra.

3. You always buy shoes based on how shiny they are so you can peek up skirts and shorts in the reflection.

4. Your cell phone plan is based on how much porn you download per month.

5. When the Doctor grabbed your junk and asked you for a cough you started hacking like a smoker with pneumonia

6. You made an amateur porn video for cash to see the Grateful Dead’s farewell shows.

Freak! (Don’t go changing - to try and please me - you don’t have to works so hard!)