Outdoor Decorative Fencing Company CEO: The other day, I couldn't believe it you know, I tell one of the house employees to have my hot tub ready for me when I get home because I had a long day, right? So I get home and get myself into the tub with a couple beers, you know, to relax, and first thing I notice is that there's no salts in it. I'm thinking, what the Hell, I pay this woman to do work, to do a few simple things around the house, really to help her stay in Galveston, and she forgets to put my salts in the hot tub. I mean, I've explained to her that I have psoriatic plaques on both my knees, and the salts help my condition. You know what, everyone's got their own agenda these days, can't be bothered to do a job right. I was gonna hire her son to convert the wine cellar into a climate controlled storage for my novelty glasswares, but she can forget it. Son's a good kid too, plays baseball. My wife got so upset about it , she hates when I have psoriasis breakouts, makes things bad in bed HAHA!, but she got so upset about the salts that she smashed one of my NASCAR champagne flutes over the house employees' head. It's a miracle she didn't bleed out.

Friend of Outdoor Decorative Fencing Company CEO: Why don't you just store your glasswares in the garage? It fits four cars and you only have three, plus, and here's a huge plus, it's already climate controlled.