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September 06, 2008


There's something about Pro Football I just love.

I started watching it in 1968 when Daryle Lamoica was qb'ing da Raidas who had little defense, but could score more points than Derek Jeter in a singles bar.

So I've stuck with it for many years. When Obama gets elected, I will lobby to have the Monday after the Super Bowl officially declared a national holiday. God know the people who show up for work, while most use a sick day, are brain dead- cannot get anything done- and do nothing but either talk about the game- the commercials- or what usually is a freakin' overhyped and awful half time show.

I will say Tom Petty was a good pick last year and better than most. But even Paul McCartney looked old and was not in best form. Michael Jackson? Don't go there. His sis? Well, OK seeing a nicely kept late 30's breast was cool, but Janet- don't look so shocked.

jackson_boob.jpg Yeah, Baby-- how 'bout some pussayy? Does that have a merkin??


Every year, week by week, I play with myself. I mean wager every game in my head and see how I do. What did you think I mean? That? Uh, yeeeeah, more than week to week- but let's remain focused here and save that for another blog.

Last year I was 65% vs. the spread. For non wagering fans, that's pretty good. If you're betting in Vegas, you make money. If you bet with a bookie, it's very little because you have to pay them a 'vig', essentially what is interest when you lose. So I don't use bookies, would not give some company in the Bahamas my credit card number for anything- and unless they allow sports gambling at the casinos in Connecticut, I'm safe.

I missed posting game 1 from Thursday night. Take my word I got it right with the Giants.

So- here is week 1. If I do better than 50%, you will get week 2. If I don't, you'll think I'm full of shit (which you might already) and I'll play week 2 in my head.

Ari 2 1/2 at SF

Sea 1 at Buff (this is a tough one)

Cin 1 1/2 at Bal (I like Ravens in a close, low scoring game. Chad Johnson, or whatever his new stupid name is, too big a distraction)

Dal 5 /2 at Cle

Det 3 at Atl

at Indy 9 1/2 Chi (another easy one- the Bears won't score more than 10)

Jac 3 at Tenn (tough early game- stay away from this)

 at NE 15 1/2 KC (1st PICK OF THE WEEK) easy one 31-10

at NO 3 TB (this is also a tough one- will be close- I take NO because they're at home and have the Gustov factor)

NY Jets 3 at Mia (Who the fuck cares? Worse game of the week. If you're watching this, make other plans. Borders on watching 'The Secret Life of Zack and Cody'. I will say if they ever do 'TSLOZAC Does Hannah Montana' I might watch it)

at Phi 7 1/2 STL (don't ask me why)

at Pitt 6 1/2 Hou (2nd Pick of the week) Pitt 27-Hou 3

at SD 9 1/2 Car


at GB 2 1/2 Minn

Den 3 at Oak- This is the only game I will not pick. I never bet against the Raiders. But I don't always pick them either (keeps my % up). Should tell you something.

So, instead of charging you $25 to call an 800# to get picks from so called experts, here they are for free from a, well, a little known so called expert.

Feel free to add comments throughout the day.

Have fun in week one!

Oh- my bestest female buddy, when asked if she liked the NFL said 'Sports are for women to know where the boys are while they go shopping". Yell at her, not me.