Dogs are loyal, loving and protective, just like your real friends. In fact, here's 19 pictures that prove your dog is probably the best friend you have.

1. He always laughs at your jokes, even though you're not what most people would call a "funny person."01_laughs_at_jokes.jpg

2. He can always come up with a good reason why you should hit the snooze button one more time.02_snooze.jpg

3. He's never afraid to take risks.03_bikini_1.jpg

4. He never shits on your "ideas."04_star_trek_bud_light.jpg

5. Thank god he talked you out of marrying Lisa!

6. He's a good boy ;-)

7. He always buys the first round.11_barstool.jpg

8. He's really good at talking you into getting delicious fast food, even when you think you'd rather have something healthy, like a salad.

9. Alright, that's enough now! Can't you see there's kids around?

10. He never mentions the night things got kinda weird between the two of you.16_bathtub_friend.jpg

11. One time he said, "You know I would kill for you, right?" Of course, you thought it was strange, but you let it slide.18_dog_shooter.jpg

12. Hey buddy, where you headed? Oh, you'd rather not say? Fine, just be careful.


13. Another time you thought you saw him burying a body, but he said, "don't worry about it," so you didn't. Hindsight being 20/20, maybe that was a mistake.


14. Anyhow, one day the cops show up with a warrant for your arrest.

15. When you question him, he looks you dead in the eye and says, "No one will believe your word against mine. Dogs are trustworthy creatures."who_gonna_believe.jpg

16. Bad dog! No one needs to see that!22_girlfriend_thats_enough.jpg

17. That fucking dog! This was his plan the whole time.

18. Now he's living your dream, while you waste away your glory years behind bars.23_dad_family.jpg

19. Still, every once in a while, you like to imagine he thinks about the good ol' days.