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May 27, 2009


Jimmy Fallon is Very Polite and Married

Jimmy Fallon is the new darling of late night, bringing that sweet boyish charm that made him a hit on SNL to weeknight TV. His bits are goofy and sincere and he has none of the canned humor of some of the other, more established, late night hosts. But, ironically it is that very same sincerity that is turning his interviews into one-sided guest blab fests. Fallon is like a party guest too polite to walk away from a self-involved loon far too interested in talking up their own importance. Last night's guest, the pathetic and self-proclaimed "Conservative Baldwin", Stephen Baldwin falls into this category, as does Whoopi Goldberg who spent and entire segment talking about plane crashes, her fear of flying, and the many awards she has won. If that isn't great TV, uh, well it isn't.

But Fallon really is charming. He seems genuinely pleased and honored to have good guests on his show or really any guests at all, but the most adorable thing about Jimmy Fallon is the reflexive gesture he makes when things are going not as well as he'd like. Any time an uncomfortable moment arises, Fallon touches his wedding ring. Two years ago Fallon married Drew Barrymore's producing partner Nancy Juvonen and apparently finds great comfort in reminding himself of this fact. A man who finds solace in being married? What could be more adorable and charming than that? It's as if touching that ring gives him confidence to soldier on until something else shakes his confidence and he needs to touch it again. Watch the show tonight and count the number of times he touches that ring. I bet if you take a drink for every nervous touch you'll be wasted before the first guest sips their water.

So good luck Jimmy Fallon. Tell your guests to shut up a little bit. They've heard it before; I'm sure they can take it. And touch that ring if you need to. You're going to be just fine.