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September 18, 2009


Friday morning, very exciting time of the week.  My boy Nicholas gets to pick a "fun" place that we can go.  
Wake up, wipe the yellow custard out of my eyes, "scratch" get out of bed, head to the shower.  Stand in front of the mirror..flex...frown...flex again... nothing changed...frown. Into the shower, work on the running man while singing into the shampoo bottle ( Theme song to Who's the Boss) "There were times when I lost a dream or two. Found the trail, and at the end was you" Awesome. Full wash down (its Friday, between the toes and everything) and Out of the shower.  Dry hair with a towel that should have been in the wash on Monday and apply my Old Spice under arm protection. (18 swipes per pit).  Put on my Rad DC boxers and my new jeans. Dark blue, light stitch... stunning. I'm ready.

Time to get my boy up.  He was already up, reading in the dark. :-) he loves owls, I think he wants to be one.  hoot hoot.  He hops out of bed and heads for the toilet, pee time, wait for it...wait for it... Nailed it.  Great job buddy.

Down for breakfast, today was sliced up peaches, toast and a field berry yogurt. He clobbered it all back. Terrific. 

Where do you want to go today Nick?  "I want to go to the Manzeum" (its what he calls the Museum)  Which one? I asked.  The one with the trains and rocket ship! Perfect (the farthest one to go to) Into his clothes and ready to go.. Which hat do you want to wear? I asked.  "DC hat" he said... Proud Daddy.  

Into the car we go.  He is smiling from ear to ear.  He cant wait to get there.  (me too, I love the place) Its Ottawa's Science and technology Museum.  Its so fun, so much to learn there.  40 minutes later we pull into the parking lot.  Nick is almost busting out of his car seat he is so excited.  I get him out of the car, we walk up to the door. CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS, OPEN TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

Try to tell an excited 3 year old that something is closed when they are looking right at it.  It was the first time he has ever given me a "you jerk" look.

So we went home and had crappy mini frozen pizzas. Now I have heart burn.

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