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August 03, 2010

Indicators for lowering your quality of life:

Getting Fat: Elastic lines on your waste from your underwear, the elastic band on your underwear flips over on it's own, your zipper is always about a quarter open.

Becoming Poor: You're aware of how much change you have or you have no change, you stop buying Kleenex, you get a library card, you sneak liquor into a bar(also see becoming an alcoholic), you're offered the left overs to take home from your family or friends homes.

Loss of Hygiene: You smell your clothes before you put them on, to wash your clothes you just throw them in the dryer with a bunch of dryer sheets, you hit for the shower cycle(peeing, brushing your teeth, once a week shave and washing while in the shower), you defer to the, "it'll dry" scenario when deciding on cleaning up after masturbation.