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November 08, 2009


Here's the thing.   Years ago I had a friend, and this friend very eagerly proposed to his very YOUNG fiance, went so far as to have an engagement party on the eve of him leaving for a job that would take him several provinces away for a couple of years.  So, my eyes rolled and I knew it would just be a matter of time...but the funniest thing was that he would lament about getting a vasectomy.  Time and time again it would be brought up, mostly in jest, but the announcement was clear that he had no desire to fall into the trap of the eager and waiting East coast girls he was convinced lay in wait to snag themselves a soldier "the old fashioned way".  So, I would always ask him that, since he was ENGAGED and all, he wouldn't be bedding any of these fanciful/lusty beauties...so why snip the boys?  He never really had an answer.  Now that I think about it...unless it was a lessor used tagline from a late night television program, Family Guy or perhaps a comedy DVD...he never really gave thoughtful/original responses to my questions.  Odd.  So...needless to say the "engagement" folded like a starched shirt in a Chinese laundry, and within a week or so he was officially coupled with  GASP  an East coast vixen. LOL  So...whatever.  He disappears, surfaces, makes a few insincere declarations and crawls under the radar again.  So...did anyone else hear that?  Sound like a SHOTGUN??  LOL  So...it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...but to the naked eye there appears to be no duck.  ??? Hubba-wha?  So...two months after the "wedding" the first photo of father/daughter surfaces LOL And, it's an older baby because the buds for the teeth are visible which means he's been keeping this secret for at least 6/7 months...inneresting.   Now, I've heard about these East coast traps where you can wander into the chamber, but then you get trapped in the parlour, and I suppose the next time I hear a young buck announce that he wants to get snipped to avoid wandering into the lath pot, I will drive them to the clinic myself LOL  Anyway...bygones.  The saddest thing is that a mutual friend asked him just after the wedding if he had"any kids yet" and the reply was "No."  So..it was either a bald faced lie, or perhaps in all the champagne and celebration from the East Coast Rennaisance Backyard Wedding of the CENTURY, he mistook "kids" for the more technical term of "goat", and answered truthfully that he had not, as of yet, acquired any goats??  Too bad really.  A couple of goats would have come in handy to rid them of the overgrown lawn/garden gracing the photo's from that FARCE he caled a "Wedding."
Lesson : Vasectomy?  YES.