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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
The Girls Gone Wild.

So there is a bar out by my parents house out in the cut here in good old Colliers and guess who done showed up? Yes that is right my peepz it's the B team of girl gone wild who made there into town. One was freash out of retirement after having a kid. One of the others was a local chick an it was her first night. As for the others One is a "road warrior" and has been on the road working every day for the past year so she said. An the other was a "rookie" as well an was a goofy one at that in my mind. So anyways the guy running the show said he "split off from the guy who owned Girl Gone Wild and put his own team together". As i told him it's like Girl Gone Wild wolf pack (You remeber from WCW). As the night went on the place stayed some what dead (as always) for the most part. An the one kind of local girl that was the new chick on the Girls Gone Wild team didn't want to do the naked dancing and dry humping for beads like the others. So in turn made all the other girls turn up the wildness getting all kinds wild, drunk an sweaty asking me for weed and sh*t. So after some P funk played on with some dirty dancing and titties poping out left and right an ass shaking galore  going down in the bar like crazy. The guy running the thing asked us in the bar to get some local girl up for a wet T-shirt contest. so the other an i at the bar found 4 of them very sexy local ladies to do the wet t-shirt contet and the crazyest one "just got out of the jail that day for beating up her X". So she and the others went nuts and it was way more wild than any of the other girls that do this sh*t for a living. The crazyest one was all totally buck naked getting all wet and dancing all over us dudes and what have you (Just let you imagination fly away on all that if would like.). After it was all said in done i got a few #s and all an all for the night of The  Girl Gone Wild i would hve to say the night was ok after all. Even if we all know it is degrading and what not an all. An + it broke the bank for me. O well my peepz you live and learn. Am i right or am i right?

But hey the titties ain't retarded HiYo!