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March 28, 2009


Hello World!

I've wanted to start a blog since before blogs were kool.  Since before there was a blog. Well, Really since I got my first Readers Digest and realized people would read and write just about anything.  I've never really found a home for my blogging, till now. Thank you Adam McKay. Thank you Will Ferrell.  You guys are the bomb-diddley.

I met Adam McKay about 3 years ago.  He was in Chicago with Jeremy Piven for the annual Piven Theatre fund raiser.  I was a student at Second City at the time and my buddy Rywal ( Eric Rywalski ) and I went to a workshop that Adam and Jeremy were giving the same day as the event.  The workshop was on humor and I don't remember it being particularly funny.  What WAS funny was, on the way in, Jeremy, Adam, and another guy who was with them were walking in the building at the same time we were.  The one guy I didn't recognize almost took himself out by walking into a pole.  Awkward moment, cause it was kinda funny, but no one laughed.   I thought to myself, now THAT was funny!   Wonder why no one else thought so but me and Rywal?? 

At the event I played Wing Woman for Rywal who was particularly fond of blonds and  I stalked Adam McKay.  Not so much with Jeremy, as he was busy stalking himself that night and my interests were more in chatting Adam up about a new little movie he'd just directed called Anchorman:  The Legend of Ron Burgundy which I had seen at least 10 times.  Also, Adam had made a comment that day that had stayed with me and I couldn't wait to pick his brain about!  He said what he was REALLY interested in was dancing ~ and not typical dancing...something a little different...and I had just the thing for him! 

Those who know me well know of my love of the healing arts ~ particularly Reiki ~ and a short time after becoming a Master,  it seems that Reiki had found it's way thru me in the form of dance.  It's quite lovely if I do say so myself ~ this exotic energy using my body to express itself.  While living in Charleston,SC  I'd go out to Sullivan's Island with my dogs, Jake and Harley,  and just  twirl and twirl~.summoning up my old Inner Sufi ~ and imagining myself getting discovered for my modern day style of balance and grace and performance abilities mixed with the healing elements of Reiki!   I'd be able to HEAL the WORLD with REiKI DANCING, and my life would be complete.  When I got news that Bill Murray had bought on Folly, I took my twirling to that end of the Peninsula, and just KNEW he was gonna walk his dogs ( or sons ) one day and see me, become completely fascinated, and the rest would be history.  I'd get to chat him up about my love and admiration for Gilda Radner, and he'd tell me stories of SNL and the behind the scenes goodies I'd always longed for.   My dream since childhood was to be on Saturday Night Live... Who's wasn't? Once Bill and I became friends, I could tell him so. He would pull some strings and I'd be on my way to an audition... But SNL had taken some interesting turns since the days of Todd and Lisa and my once spot on Rosannarosannadanna had lost it's luster.   I just didn't gell with the new gang.

When Will Ferrell showed up on SNL, I borrowed 4 grand from my college friend, packed up my life and headed to Chicago.  Second City.  Home of professional Funny.  I was thrilled that after many years of comedy and community theatre at The WindJammer (performance place of greats like Edwin McCain and Blow Me and The Hoot Fish) and various theatres around Charleston,  I'd been accepted to the Improv for Actors Program!Yipppeee!!! 

After my first two semesters and my first audition, I made it thru to the Conservatory...and then another audition, and another level...I was on my way.  My game plan was simple. Be discovered.  This time, for my funny.   I soon learned it wasn't that simple 

Once there, though, my dreams were shattered when I got the news from one of my teachers that  every actress never wants to hear. ... " you're too old.  They'll never cast you. Saturday Night Live doesn't hire anyone over 34."   WTF???!!!  TOO OLD???  But I have LIFE EXPERIENCE! Doesn't that count for something?  And besides, I don't  LOOK 40, do I? 

Now, whether that was true or not, It was a pretty crushing blow.  And coming from the teacher who delivered said blow.. ~ no pun intended although he HAD had one serious coke addiction at one time ~  I believed him and took the news  hard. 

 Okay.  Time for plan B.  Drop back and Punt.  I'm no giver upper!!  I would just have to make my way on SNL as a GUEST!   Yeah, yeah, a GUEST!  That's my ticket!

Now think, Edie!  .. what special skeeels do I have that would land me on Saturday Night Live as a guest?   Oh yea, I'm FUNNY!   Or so I'm told and also like to tell myself on occasion.  And I can ACT!  or at least that's what I LOVE and have quite a following of cheerleaders who seem to make a sport of asking me " What Are you IN??"  on a regular basis. ...  And then there's the DANCING REIKI thing!!  Yeah, yeah, that's it!  I've got MAD skeels.. and as soon as I show them to Adam McKay, I'm golden!!  I'm in!  I'm Totally IN! He's here, I'm here and now if I can just get a moment with him!

But someone had gotten to him first!  Drats-o-lee!  Okay, Now all I had to do was sit back and wait for her to leave!!  That ONE LADY who was hoarding Adam McKay like a woman hoards shoes!   She was on him like white on rice.  But!!!  As soon as she left, I would step up, non-challantly of course!,  introduce myself, thank him for the workshop on funny that wasn't so funny, and ask him about his dancing interests.   Ah, the plan!

 BUT, 45 minutes later the WOMAN WAS STILL THERE!!!

 That bitch would NOT budge.  I paced, I circled.  I gave her the eye.  Yes, that eye, and by that time, Mr. McKay' is like, " Jesus, this lady is sucking the life out of me!    And then there's this other chic circle-ing me!   I gotta get the hell outta here! " 

And yes, folks,  Adam McKay politely excused himself from the stalker lady~ make that, the OTHER stalker lady ~ and exited Stage Left.   I coulda killed her.   Didn't she KNOW that IIIIII actually had something VALUABLE to say!??  IIIII actually wanted to share my unique GIFTS with Adam and NOW I'D NEVER BE ABLE TO!!! Thank you lady who wouldn't take a hint!!!  Thank you for ruining my life.   My future.  You suck.

Although my Second City  experience was nothing like I'd hoped and my dreams were crushed, I stuck it out anyway.  I'm a trooper!   I met some great folks, made some dear friends, extended my family  and learned a lot about myself and others in the process. And that was worth it all.  I also spent 4 years in Chicago and love love love that city. Alas, though, my love of 4 seasons is greater and I'm back in the South with my lovely kitty Lola, and I'm auditioning out the wazoo but still trying to convince my agents to stop casting me as a soccer mom.   Unless she's the really hot soccer mom with the sick sense of humor!  Then I'm in!  Till then, I'm off to rehearse for the gossipy prude on Army Wives audition!  Wish me luck! 

And Adam, if you're out there, and you still want to see that really kool unusual dance thing that is totally unique and beat Bill Murray to the punch of discovering me ~ hit me up.  I'm happy to give you a second chance.   Let's go twirl and I'll tell you allll about it! Perhaps I'll even make you laugh in the process...Or not.  Either way It'll be fun.  Cause Fun is my middle name.  Well, it's really Annette.  But you know what I mean.

Giggles ~ EdieAllen