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Published November 16, 2010

She feels that way now, at least.

Stacy (last name not provided) rejected her now ex-boyfriend’s marriage proposal.  Then he tried to run her over with his car.  Ahhh, love.

More from FoxNews.com:

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Berg says…22-year-old (Francisco Hernandez) was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The proposal took place Thursday afternoon at the Burger Stop.

Okay kids, here’s today’s lesson: NEVER propose to your girlfriend while on the job.  If she says no, you look bad in front of your colleagues (high schoolers) and may act irrationally out of embarrassment.

I mean, I assume this guy works there and therefore spends most of his waking hours there.  Otherwise, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PROPOSE AT A BURGER JOINT?  You know, it just doesn’t reek of class.  Then again, neither does trying to crush your girlfriend with your car.

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