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April 26, 2011

Untrue news story - Donald Trump thinks a critical 14-year-old blogger is important enough to talk about to the press.

80s businessman and current Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump fired back at the comments written about him by eighth grader Danny Kampenout on the teenager’s blog last weekend. The entry in Kampenout’s Danny Dares To Say… blog commented on the 64-year-old potential Presidential candidate’s frequent disparaging comments about President Obama, his unfortunate hair situation and his oversensitivity to criticism.
“Trump keeps saying Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate, then when Obama shows it to him he says it’s the wrong one,” wrote the 14-year-old student at Atlanta’s Edward Horton Junior High School on Saturday. “What’s wrong with this guy? He’s a big douchebag and his hair is ass.”

Kampenout went on to comment that Trump’s testiness whenever someone asked about his numerous bankruptcies, his inconsistent positions on issues and the veracity of his comments on the President were “evidence of his extreme gayness.” Kampenout clarified the comment in a later blog post, assuring his readers that he didn’t mean “’gay’ as in he likes to kiss boys on the sack,” but rather “’gay’ like Twilight is gay. You, know, dumb and shit.”

In an interview this morning with CCNN Kampenout said that he has a good friend named Jamie who likes to kiss boys on the sack and that Jamie is all cool and shit. Jamie could not be reached for comment.

In a Fochs News interview yesterday Trump said of Kampenout “You know, I understand that one of the best ways to draw attention to yourself is to attack somebody famous. Unsuccessful people like this Kampenout guy try to tear down the successful to make a name for themselves, but that’s not smart.”

Trump went on to say that from reading Kampenout’s blog he could tell that the young man “Isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box. We’re not dealing with Isaac Newton here.” Trump noted that “He’s got page after page devoted to Spawn. I mean, honestly, who reads Spawn anymore?” Trump said that he’s “more of a Fables guy.”

Kampenout giggled at Trump’s comments when told of them during the CCNN interview. “God, Fables,” he said, “that’s gayer than a dump truck full of Adam Lamberts.”

In an online interview this afternoon, Trump’s response to Kampenout’s latest comments was, “No, you’re gay.”

Trump later clarified the comment, saying that he knows Adam Lambert and that the singer is all cool and shit.