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Published March 26, 2014 More Info »

Lebron James and Michael Jordan are the two best NBA players of all time ! ( Sorry every other basketball player ever ! ) But who is better ? An i say it's Lebron James and that is coming from a life long Bulls fan. So let me tell you why i think this way right here in now in this rant \ blog. 

#1. Just on size and physical abilities Lebron James is better than M.J ever was in his life. 

#2. Lebron James early in his carrer carried the Cavs to the N.B.A finals. M.J early in his carrer never did that with the Bulls. So Lebron must be better. 

#3. Lebron James came straight out of High School into the NBA. When  M.J did 4 years of college before he went pro. So that right there tells me Lebron James is better than M.J. 

#4. When M.J was winning championships with DA BULLS he had a better coach and a better team around him than Lebron James has right now with the Heat. So Lebron James is better.

#5. Lebron James can play better defence and he can rebound better than M.J could ever do.

#6. Leron James is a better team player than M.J ever was. 

#7. Leron James can jam better than M.J ever could jam. 

#8. Leron James is a better actor than M.J is and Space Jam 2 is going to better than Space Jam 1 trust me on that one kids. 

#9. Leron James was a better host for SNL than M.J was when he hosted SNL. 

#10. Flat out Leron James's all around game is better than M.J's game ever was. 

Hey But at least M.J has six rings and is a owner of a NBA team.  An M.J is a better baseball player so M.J has that on King James. 

Sidenote: Leron James is thinking about buying a Pro Soccer team for Miami and if Leron James started up his own soccer team and went pro soccer player on us he would be the best soccer player ever mates so look out world.