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Published: August 29, 2009
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our 3rd, and newest co-moderator... ian Renga!

What crazy creative fun lies ahead... no one knows... but it sure will be fun to find out!

Keep on Experimenting my friends... and let your creativity fly.


NewsFlash:  If you send us links to your newest and coolest vids we'll add them to our newest playlist "New Cool Ass S*** from the Experimenters."  While we try to keep up on all the wonderful creativity running wild out there... it greatly assists us if you send it directly to us!  We'd hate to miss your wonderful work.

Also, remember... the blog is open to all members to post your most recent written works, pondering, or whatever... vid's aren't the only way to participate.

Above all... HAVE FUN!


(for The_Experiment)
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