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February 23, 2010


Since inquiring minds want to know...my head has been turned as of late. There's something about watching someone be good at what they do, and anyone who has the ability to be really earnest and self depricating, but kind of conceited at the same time alway catches my eye/heart. I was saying, I can't remember if I blogged it or not, but I was saying that the next guy I dated should be named "Pierre", because I just like the idea of saying "Pierre". examples: "Pierre and I held hands as we walked along the boardwalk." "Pierre just called from work and he extracted venom from a Zimbawe Bullfrog today, he's giving me some to spike my mother's scotch." or "I held Pierre's wang as we sprayed his pee all over the door of a Starbucks, just 'cuz." I think I was drawn to "Pierre" because it's quite the opposite of "Nigel", and I am so over the "British" thing (sorry Jason LOL). Well...we were doing a reno at work, and this guy walked by and said "hi" with a bit of a coy smile. I felt my cheeks redden right away, I totally BLUSHED and asked "Who the Hell are you?" LOL He's an electrician, and a fearless one at that. He's not French, but of a more latin persuasion which I don't tend to go for, but he just has this GRIN! I can't wait to bite his chin!!! Anyway...it's just a flirtation at the moment, but we actually have a ridiculous amount in common. NO! He's NOT Brazillian :)