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September 08, 2009


I am generally creeped out to the max by birds, they're so suspicious. But recently while in a local and privately owned petshop I had a brief run in (and out) with a bird that appeared to have a mohawk-typed thing. For me to even be in the bird section is a huge step for me. And it goes without having to say I was extremely scared to be there.
I found a bird that imitated all the sounds it heard... not a parrot. No, this one was dark and mysterious. Had a good 20 minute conversation with this thing and I should add it's the best conversation I've had with anyone in a while, which is sad. The bird starts going wild in his cage and this makes me nervous. BIRDS MAKE ME NERVOUS! As I get up from my crouch position I'm at direct eye level with that winged creature with the fanned hair resembling a mohawk... not even 2 feet away, scaling the wall OUTSIDE his cage on his way towards me. Maybe he seen my hair and thought we were related.
I ran so fast, faster than I ever had before. Faster than a Kenyan runner. While doing this I ran past 2 bunnies getting it on as if doomsday was within the hour, knocked over a whole shelf of pet books and tripped down all but 2 stairs. Only to be kicked out of the store for "letting animals out of their cages".
Bullshit. But I learned never to trust birds... they are organized and are planning to gain power.
Especially Robins.. ESPECIALLY.

Peace, Love and Understandin' Babeh.