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Published April 05, 2009
Hello internet!  Did you miss me?Let me tell you, 7 months in rehab is no picnic..  What ever happened to 90 days???  I mean where the hell are we??  The USSR?  The Sandwich Islands?  Dr. Drew and Candy Finnigan can burn in hell.  Make no mistake, Bessie Love is PO-ed to the max.But now that I'm safely back at home on Hollywood Blvd., I thought I'd check in with the internet.  They don't let you have the internet in rehab.  They said, 'It's a 'trigger.'  Then I said 'I'll show you a trigger!'  Then they kicked me out for concealing a weapon, and I had to start ALL over again.  Sigh.This is much more fun than rehab.  Click it.  You'll see.  Everybody's doing it. love bessie loveP.S.