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March 14, 2008


I write this during hour 48 of my minimal-sleep-marathon. I slept about two hours earlier today (as in Thursday), and about an hour sometime the day before (3-4 o clock, therabouts) and since then, had been up since 7am. It's about 6:10am two days later now.

I'm considering going in super early to the editing lab, and getting some bad ass graphics done. Specifically, I want to knock out the commercial for man vs. etc. I say etc because the full title is too long and i cant necessarily remember it off the top of my head. By the way, just you wait til trynottodieman is complete. I had been working for a goal of 11 minutes, but now Im thinking itll be even better if I condence it to the perfect point where laughter covers up jokes, but not so much that you miss more than one joke at a time... multiple viewings: gold. I think this laughter-compression has an optimal duration of 8 or so minutes. Some jokes I did take out, but now I'm thinking I'll put them back in... and add some more with the music and sound effects. And add the eagle into a few more shots. It will be awesome.

Anyway, I've been watching Home Movies a bunch (also The Apprentice and Beauty and the Geek, but those are entirely unrelated) and I have found that I really enjoy imitating H. Jon Benjamin's voice. I think that's his voice. Anyway, despite the joy I receive from imitating his voice, it does tear my throat up a little bit, so I'll have to try and cut down a little bit.

I worked up a business proposal which i sent to this company that sells scissors, or shears, or whatever... I quoted them 1200 bucks, so if I get the job that'll be awesome, especially since the whole thing I'm estimating will only take me about... a day. It'll be helpful in landing other easy jobs like that on a contractual basis. As far as crap jobs like that go, contracts are the way to go, screw salaried work.

Alright, time for either a short short nap, or a shower... one of the two, I'm not sure yet.