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October 20, 2009


Good morning FODers, the results of the first NPISC contest are in and we have a winner. As I watched the Los Angeles Angels try their hardest to lose game three of the ALCS, I put together the list of our first winners. I am still laughing every time I read these. Here they are:

Ones that received votes:

Ricky, take out that mouth guard and smile!Dammit!...Jimbobalouie
(I never liked mouth guards either)

He just heard their victory dinner will be at “The Olive Garden®”…theDIRTYmidget

(When you’re here your family is puking)


Hockey is what comes out of a horse's ass when he takes a dump…JoeLeeThree

(Not a hockey fan Joe or just a Colonel Potter fan?)


The winners:

SHOW: This is why the full plastic face shields will never take the place of a cage…Dr Who

(It was a nasty but good visual I got on this one)


PLACE: No Chuck! I meant look higher, toward the camera…ideeclare

Maybe that could be a new term…down chuck


WIN: Too much icing…JBynthe217

Looks like the team picture was taken right after the left winger Bobby’s birthday party huh?


Once again thanks for stopping by the NPISC page and congrats to all who participated. I will get started on the results from the cheese rolling pic. I still can’t get that image of that guy’s ass outta my head.


In the meantime it looks like another slow day at FoD caption central so here is another offering of the weird and unusual of the sports world.

Today fun with WRESTLING: