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October 22, 2012

The third presidential debate was held at Florida's Lynn University on October 22, 2012.

The two presidential contenders (Barack Obama and Mitt Romeny) faced off for a third and final debate Oct. 22. We want your take on how they did. This is the final debate for United States presidential election November 6, 2012. The third debate topic will be foreign policy and the discussion will be moderated by Bob Schieffer, host of Face The Nation on CBS.

Watch Final Presidential Debate 2012 Full Replay Video and Transcript Here

Romney was smiling the whole time as compared to Obama who looked at times angry and even aggressive. People even referred to Mitt as the "happy warrior". I think Obama is the one happy to finally be done with these debates, especially that he can now go back to his teleprompter. Romney might not be very well versed in Foreign Policy, but at least he was strong and told the truth. He stuck to the facts as compared to Obama who actually lied. LIterally five minutes after the debates, he was fact checked and basically people admitted that he had lied about a lot of stuff, especially the things that Romney said about the auto-industry. Obama basically went on about all the mistakes Bush had made, but you know what? Why didn't he talk about his 4 years of presidential failure? Where did those 4 years go?

Yes, talk about moving forward, but have something to show for it. At least Romney addressed those problems and has a point when saying that President Obama has not improved this country at all. Mitt Romney, given the chance, will make a great President. People just need to be more informed about what is going on and do some fact-checking of their own.

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