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October 08, 2007


Hey everybody! Amy asked Jake and I to write the blog this week. We can't tell if it's because she's feeling generous or it's the result of a closed door meeting she had with Ferrell, McKay and Henchy last Friday. It was loud and Amy came out with mascara running down her face and a limp. Either way, we're doing this before she changes her mind.

The most exciting thing that we did this week was go to the set of Will and Adam's new movie - Step Brothers! Here's what we learned:

When the AD says, "Quiet on the set!", they mean it! Jake will be working overtime for the next eight months to pay for the film he wasted making fart noises and laughing.

While the basis of how a camera works involves exposing single frames of film to light, it's apparently frowned upon to expose an entire roll of film to the light all at once.

There is a point when you have eaten too much from craft services. But you do not realize it until you are throwing up in Horatio Sanz trailer 2 hours later. Hindsight is 20-20.

Adam McKay does not have a good memory. Though he seemed happy to see "Jason and Laura." But we didn't mind because Adam only directs while drunk and it was probably the Puckers talking.

It is not okay to ask John C Reilly to rub your tootsies.

It is okay to tell Will Ferrell that if he doesn't stop rubbing your tootsies, you'll call the police. However, he is not joking when he tells you he "owns the police."

All in all we learned that though we my have cost the film thousands of dollars in damages, been sexually harrassed, and may have lost our jobs (it's 50-50 whether Adam will follow through). Was all that worth it just to spend 5 hours away from Amy Rhodes? The answer? We're heading back to the set next week.

-Lauren and Jake