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November 13, 2009


Even More Horrible Captions

9. I'm Dr. Berkeley Bonobo, Director of the First Monkey Managed Medical Lab. We've begun our testing with dogs, but we have a long memory; anticipate payback. -keibar
8.Rammstein's video for their cover of "Shock the Monkey", as remixed by DJ Rob Gee, was also known more appropriately, as "Shoot the Hundewelpe in the Face".  -trident
7. Steve Buscemi and Meryl Streep ?   –TheDIRTYMidget.
6. Do you have pets like these always leaving hair on your sofa's and clothes well send them to BIGJAS'S radiation clinic were we will bombard your pets with high doses of radiation leaving them fur free. If fur returns we will give your money back  -bigjas
5. We don't see the ransom soon, the next photo you get is an earless dog.  -keibar
4. Gary Busey loves puppies. Until he eats them & turns them into Buseypoop.  -trident
3. As much as the monkey liked to eat the Chihuahua's poop, the dog enjoyed eating the Rhesus feces even more  -jams3kids
2. that's the face a monkey makes when it's had to bail out it's puppy from jail AGAIN after the puppy has been arrested AGAIN for buying from an undercover AGAIN.  -trident
1. These two pets have cancer with your donations we can save one,choose  -bigjas

(Again good work on the working good thing that you've done good. work.)