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October 01, 2017

Nap-time should be a full-time job.

Me: Hey, come on, Dude.
Conan: No. Leave me alone.
Me: It’s 1 o'clock in the afternoon. You haven’t moved in like 13 hours.
Conan: So tired. Need more sleep.
Me: More sleep?
Conan: Yes. I need a vacation.
Me: We’re on vacation.
Conan: Then I need a deeper vacation. Like a vacation within my vacation. I need an inception vacation. All of this relaxing is exhausting.
Me: So, then you don’t want to go to the dog park?
Conan: Hold up. Which dog park?
Me: Is there a difference?
Conan: Um…yeah.
Me: Can you enlighten me?
Conan: There’s the one with all the grass and the one with not all the grass.
Me: Fine, we’ll go to the one with all the grass.
Conan: Pass.
Me: Then the one with not all the grass.
Conan: Hard pass.
Me: Then what do you want to do?
Conan: This. Exactly this.
Me: But it’s beautiful outside.
Conan: What’s tomorrow supposed to be like?
Me: The same as today.
Conan: So what’s the rush?
Me: You are so lazy.
Conan: I’m an energy conservationist.