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March 27, 2008


o my first blog. The German is online. Well actually it is quite a stupid thing I'm doing here. I'm recording myself with the video-function of my photo-camera. I'm creating my clips with the ultimate Pro-Software "The Windows Movie Maker". But I think it could be nice. So let's maybe introduce myself:

My name is Felix Weyer.

I'm 18 yo and I'm from Germany. Actually I was born on D├╝sseldorf, but I moved to my Saarbr├╝cken when I was about 1 year old. So I guess, that doesn't count really. I started doing some comedy mainly with friends in Germany, but I think I can work much better in the English language then in the German. I don't know why. I had "advanced" English lessons at school and passed the two first Cambridge Certificates of English. I also started to write funny English poems. So f*ck off Goethe. There's a new star rising