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June 19, 2009


Still after all the negitive is said about Michigan,the truth is,there is no other place I'd wanna live.It truely is a wonderland both Winter and Summer.There is 10 to 20 lakes within a half hour drive.6 big ones are within 10 min or less.Boating,swimming fishing,beaches,camping,snowmobiling all 5 minutes away.The lakes are clean and stocked well with fish.If you can imagine outdoor fun,its all right here.So I'm thinking of the top 10 reasons not to move out of state...... 
  • The Earth dosen't move and Aftershock is a drink
  • Theres no place nicknamed Tornado Ally
  • I don't have to board up my house during bad weather
  • When it rains alot I don't have to go down river to get ready for work
  • We dont have misquitoes the size of humming birds(many pests die off in the winter)
  • No named winds to keep forest fires from going out
  • No desert,just a couple of dunes.but their within walking distance of the lake
  • Other places have lakes but no Great Lakes we have 5,and their great !
  • We don't have to plug in our cars in the winter 
  • Cause everyones doing it !

 Go then,be gone...send me a card when you get there ! Theres nothing wrong with this place.If all went wrong in Michigan you could still live off the land.Theres plenty of game, the soil is fertile, and the climate moderate.

So talk to the mit !